Photojournalist Vanessa Charlot on the Dangers of Covering News

Power Women Summit 2021: ”We were attacked in a way that was unprecedented in the United States,“ Charlot says

When Waxman asked Charlot to elaborate, she noted two instances when her life was potentially in danger.

“I remember covering a protest in Florissant, which is a city north of St. Louis. It’s right outside of Ferguson, Missouri, where Mike Brown was assassinated. There’s a lot of racial tension there and the Proud Boys come out,” Charlot said. “I remember standing in front of the police department and there was a huge truck driving toward the crowd and the police didn’t stop it.”

Another time she was taking photos in front of the St. Louis Art Museum. “Not only were the Proud Boys there but other white nationalist groups were there. And nothing was done to stop them. Nothing was done to separate the two groups. I knew this because I had a camera in my hand. And I could easily be targeted.”

To hear more, you can watch the full conversation here.

The Power Women Summit is the largest annual gathering of the most influential women in entertainment, media and technology. The event aims to inspire and empower women across the landscape of their professional careers and personal lives. This year’s PWS provides three days of education, mentorship, workshops and networking around the globe – to promote this year’s theme, “Represent.”

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