'Property Brothers' Sibling Opens Up About Battle With Unknown Debilitating Illness

Many Property Brothers fans don’t know that there’s actually a third brother — J.D. Scott. In fact, Scott paved the way after a fashion when it comes to the family business of entertainment. Working as an impersonator, singer, and actor in a few different television shows and movies, it’s easy to see that talent runs in the whole family. 

Now, the third property brother is opening up about a debilitating illness he’s been battling — an illness that doctors still haven’t been able to fully identify. 

J.D. Scott’s history in entertainment 

Jonathan and Drew Scott are actually the youngest of the Scott brothers — J.D. actually hit the entertainment scene before his brothers. Like any good big brother should be, he was something of a trendsetter. 

J.D. Scott’s IMDb page has him listed as writer, director, and actor in a variety of movies and television shows. These include Makeover Manor and The Oracle. He’s even the host of All-American Amusement Parks. The Property Brothers sibling was also a member of YFG, a sketch comedy group based in Canada, in addition to the Loose Moose Improv group. 

Scott also used to work in Vegas as an impersonator — a pretty different form of entertainment than the one his two younger brothers pursued. As a matter of fact, Scott used to be an Adam Lambert impersonator, and used to occasionally do David Bowie impersonations to boot.

What the doctors said

When Scott first started manifesting symptoms, he was understandably very confused. It seemed at first as if his symptoms were all across the board. The Property Brothers sibling says he experienced extreme sensitivity to high temperatures, as well as an inability to walk for long durations. 

“Walking too much would bring on the symptoms. Heat would bring on the symptoms,” Scott explained. “So I was very limited in what I could do. But as long as I was within an area that I could control, I could actually do things,” said Scott in a lengthy Instagram video.

Scott explained that for a while, doctors thought it might be the result of an autoimmune disease, possibly something like lupus. Apparently, after several months, neurologists began to believe that J.D. Scott had suffered “two brain aneurysms.”

A neurosurgeon’s follow-up revealed that it could also be the result of “a new pathway [that] had formed” in J.D. Scott’s brain.

How has J.D. Scott been holding up?

Understandably, the Property Brothers’ eldest sibling found himself frightened and feeling somewhat alone in his diagnosis. 

He captioned his Instagram video, “Human beings are delicate creatures and I found out just how delicate this last year as I struggled against something very serious. It has been a race for answers and a frustrating journey when it seems like everything is against you, even time. 

Warning, this video is long and quite emotional at times. Please bear with me when I can’t find the words or a voice to talk about some of the more painful memories.”

While his symptoms have since improved, Scott revealed that he was very scared for a while. “I was pretty sure I was dying,” he said.

Scott and his fiancée explained that there were “a lot of people in [their] life that kind of faded away” in the last year. “A lot of people just haven’t checked in and they know how bad it is. It’s felt kind of lonely,” said Annalee Belle. Scott added, “Not having the friends that you normally have is not fun.”

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