Realistic Sturgeon warns of new lockdowns for Scotland as coronavirus rules lifted

Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon 'cannot guarantee' no more lockdowns

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Nicola Sturgeon has warned of further lockdowns for Scotland, saying that it would be the “sensible” thing to do. The admission came as BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin asked the First Minister whether she could guarantee no more lockdowns would take place as coronavirus restrictions are completely eased.


Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Nicola Sturgeon said: “I think any politician, anywhere in the world in the face of a pandemic of an infectious virus that sits here and says, ‘I can get into something’, is not being sensible and actually it’s not being frank with people.

“Every fiber of my being hopes that the restrictions we are lifting today in Scotland will never ever have to be reinforced and am I optimistic about that? Yes.

“Can I guarantee it? Well, I could tell you that right now for the sake of an easier interview but it wouldn’t be the right thing to do.

“Because keeping this virus under control depends on all of us continuing to do all of the sensible things I’ve been talking about, but we also know that this is a virus that has already mutated.


She added: “A new variant continues to be our biggest threat so we’ve got to be careful and we’ve got to be realistic.”

Today, Scotland has left its final level of coronavirus restrictions.

“That’s why you’ll have to continue to wear face masks in indoor settings and continue to give your details in terms of test and protect when you go to hospitality. Enjoy yourself but continue to be sensible.”

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