RHOP's Wendy Osefo admits to butt lift & shows off implants in 'naked body' themed party as fans slam star as 'insecure'

REAL Housewives Of Potomac's Wendy Osefo admitted to getting a butt lift and showed off her implants at a party themed around her own body. 

The Bravo star held a bash at her home and used it as a chance to make an announcement that she underwent a procedure for her backside – which fans labeled “insecure.”

The 37-year-old TV personality was first asked if she had work done at the beginning of the evening by her RHOP cast mates. 

However, she denied the accusations… only to make a grand reveal just an hour later. 

As the group tried to enjoy their dinner, Wendy stood up to flaunt the skintight champagne dress she was wearing. 

“Let’s not forget why we are hear… for you guys to look at my body one more time,” she exclaimed to everyone. 

She then turned around to show off her butt as her costars asked if she had work done – to which Wendy proudly said “I did that!”

Earlier in the evening, the ladies asked if she had gotten a Brazilian butt lift – to which Wendy repeatedly said “no.” 

“I said no because I want to reveal my stuff,” she yelled to a table full of confused faces. 

“I’d like to give a t**ty toast to all of you women coming on my journey. Now, lick my nipple,” Wendy instructed her friends. 

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As her friends ate the sweet treats, Gizelle Bryant admitted that the "nipple tastes good."

Wendy then posed with her “t**ty cake” – which were two breasts pushed together with a pearl necklace – as her cast mates congratulated her. 

Fans slammed the move, with many agreeing she was “definitely coming off insecure."

“Wendy seems jealous and insecure around the other girls and it shows…” one person suggested. 

Another fired off of her plastic surgery: “Wendy acting a lil diff since she bought a new authentic body.”


“Here we go with Wendy inserting herself everywhere no one wants her,” someone complained. 

A Twitter critic wrote: “Ok Wendy u got ya body done…calm down …next."

Also at the dinner party, RHOP newbie Mia Thornton shocked fans with her litany of plastic surgeries.

On last week's season premiere of RHOP, Wendy revealed she had had a boob job and other "tweaks."

She then asked Mia what work she has had done "because it seems like you've had a lot of stuff done."

Mia replied: "Oh, everything! And I own it."

Mia admitted: "So I get my botox every four weeks. I get fillers. I have my lips. I've had four boobs [jobs]. I've had a tummy tuck.

"I've had Abdominoplasty. I've had my a** done. I think I could continue to go on. I've even had my cl*t worked on."

Fans commented on the episode tweeting: "I appreciated the fact that Mia is an open book. She won’t let these girls clock her #RHOP."

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