Ruth Langsford begs Loose women co-star not to leave show

Loose Women say goodbye to one of their makeup artists

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Donna May Clitheroe, who is head of make-up for ITV’s Loose Women and Lorraine, announced she was moving on to pastures new on Friday’s instalment. Donna was visibly emotional in the show’s audience as her colleague Ruth Langsford embraced her and begged her not to leave after 20 years. 

Before Friday’s Loose Women ended, host Kaye Adams announced make-up artist Donna was leaving the show.

The camera panned to Donna in the audience who was being hugged by panellist Ruth. 

“And there she is with Ruth,” Kaye said as the cameras focused on the two women. 

“Actually, I think Ruth isn’t going to let her go, but she’s got to go Ruth.” 

Ruth held a microphone to her face and told Donna: “Don’t leave Donna, why are you going?”

The make-up artist explained she was “making a leap” to work on her own business venture in London which she had been building up for several years. 

Ruth said: “Look at those four gorgeous women there, you do that.”

Kaye and the panel paid tribute to Donna, telling her she’s a wonderful friend to everyone on the show. 

As Donna got emotional, Kaye said: “Do you know what? I have waited 20 years to make Donna cry.

“The amazing thing is, with all the women who have come through the doors after 20 years, it’s incredible because I am her favourite. 

“No seriously, Donna, thank you,” Kaye concluded as her co-stars laughed.

Donna’s energy will be focused on Donna May London which sells a range of make-up accessories like drawstring make-up bags, brushes and eyebrow stylers. 

She previously told OX Magazine about the greatest challenge in working with high-profile women. 

“I think making them feel comfortable and letting them know that you are approachable and trustworthy,” she said. 

“It’s typically English to keep quiet if we don’t like something, I try to always tell my presenters that if they don’t like a colour I’ve used or if there’s a technique they aren’t sure about, just tell me.”

Donna admitted it takes a long time for high-profile women to trust her.

She revealed her dream client would be Jennifer Lopez, adding: “I don’t think any makeup artist could not make her look beautiful.

“But I love hair and makeup from the 1940s so anyone like Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers or Vivien Leigh would be a delight.” 

Donna has made up the faces of some of Britain’s top presenters, Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly and Melanie Sykes.

Loose Women airs on weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV and ITVX. 

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