S Club 7 breaks silence on claims Hannah Spearritt was pushed out of band

Members of S Club have broken their silence after Hannah Spearritt 's abrupt exit from the pop band.

The 90s icons were set to reunite and embark on a tour as a seven once again in celebration of the band's 25th anniversary, but this was tragically not to be after the shock death of bandmate Paul Cattermole.

Since his death, the band took to social media to confirm Hannah wouldn't be joining them on tour. Now, remaining members Rachel Stevens, Jo O'Meara, Bradley McIntosh, Jon Lee and Tina Barrett have broken their silence once more with an appearance on This Morning.

Presenters Craig Doyle and Josie Gibson sat opposite the band and it wasn't long until the topic of Hannah came up.

Craig, 52, said: "We gotta talk about Hannah because she's obviously not here today and we read that, you know, you're hoping that she might re-join at some stage. In the papers today, slightly different story being told but I'll just tell you what's been said in the papers.

"It said that an 'anonymous source claimed that Hannah Spearritt is no longer on speaking terms with the band, claims that Hannah was not aware she wouldn't be included in the tour until the group posted a video on Instagram with tour details'. So that's what's been written in the newspapers today and I guess to give you the chance to respond to that. Jon?"

Jon replied: "I mean, for us, and for everyone listening actually, whenever an article starts with 'a source said' you can kind of take it with a pinch of salt. The one thing they did get right is that we are doing a 15 date tour across the country," he continued listing destinations the band is set to visit before Josie interjected: "The door is always open for Hannah, is that what you're saying?"

The band agreed the door would always be open for her, and branded claims to the contrary as "nonsense".

Jo added: "We're doing a lot of stuff in 2024 so you never know what's gonna happen in the future but I think just, right now, we're just really excited and really looking forward and concentrating on the tour and making it a really special show."

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the interview. One This Morning fan said: "That was a politicians answer #sclub #thismorning and Jo's face spoke volumes!"

Another fan quipped: "Jo's face when Hannah was mentioned is my new phone locked screen display."

A third said: "Jon didn't actually answer that question about Hannah, he dodged it well." While a fourth commented: "Absolutely no answer that about Hannah #ThisMorning deflect deflect".

One unimpressed fan penned: "Jo O'Meara's face when Josie mentioned Hannah, very uncomfortable response as well." And another said: "Way to deflect the Hannah question by talking about the tour dates".

Another was upset by the sad circumstances and commented: "Hannah and Paul were my favourites so this reunion is just so sad that they're not there. Poor Paul, he was so excited for this".

90s icons S Club released their first single in 20 years earlier this month. The song and its accompanying music video serve as a tribute to their late bandmate following his tragic death in April at the age of 46.

The single, titled These Are the Days, is accompanied by a music video filled with clips and pictures of the late singer, as his remaining bandmates Rachel, Jo, Bradley, Jon and Tina reminisce.

A source told The Sun : "It didn't look like S Club were ever going to make music again but Paul's tragic passing has brought them closer than ever. They have bonded in their grief. It is a beautiful slice of nostalgia and fans will instantly recognise it as S Club."

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