Sarah Hamrick and Clayton Echard Are Gonna Have Major Vibes on ’The Bachelor’

Remember when we were all concerned that Clayton Echard’s Bachelor season would be incredibly boring? Bless our poor, sweet, naive past selves. On top of a promo featuring Clayton casually informing multiple women that he’d had sex with them and then dramatically sitting in a church (*chef’s kiss*), not one, not two, but three women ditched him on night one of the show. Including Claire who, after eating a chicken wing, declared that she “hates him.”

^ Brief moment of pause for my fave GIF.

However, it seems safe to assume (maybe) that the rest of the women on Clayton’s season actually want to be there, including Sarah Hamrick. Pretty sure Sarah is about to become “one to watch” on The Bachelor, so it’s time to get to know her better. Come for details on her fancy job, stay for spoilers on how far she makes it.

Sarah Is a Wealth Management Advisor

Yep, Sarah, at the age of 23, knows how to manage wealth better than the rest of us. I’ll give you a minute to process.

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She Started a Nonprofit

In other “Sarah is wildly accomplished/what am I even doing with my life news,” ABC reports that when she isn’t “killing it on Wall Street” (because duh, she lives in NYC), “she loves spending time with her family, taking trips to the spa, and growing the nonprofit she started which aims to support adopted children.”

Can’t wait to hear more about her work on this during the show!

Her Perfect Man Is “Respectful”

Per ABC, “Sarah says that she is a hopeless romantic and is ready to find the one. Her perfect man is respectful, easy-going and spontaneous by nature. He’ll also love cohosting dinner parties with her, giving her hugs that she can get lost in, and will share in her love of Valentine’s Day. Sarah says that when she falls, she falls hard and fast; so Clayton, get ready to catch!”

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Also, Sarah is “frustrated by slow walkers,” which yes, same.

She Was a Pageant Winner

Sarah won Miss South Carolina Teen, so she’s used to being in the spotlight (at least on a local level):

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On that note…


Sarah Gets the Group Date Rose During Episode 2

According to Reality Steve’s bounty of spoilers, tonight’s episode includes a group date involving some kinda “Bachelor-themed obstacle course,” which sounds absolutely harrowing and nightmarish. But apparently, Sarah wins, and—if the show follows its normal format—that also means she’ll get extra time with Clayton (which, yep, leads to a rose).

She Gets a One-on-One Next Week

Guess Sarah clearly makes an impression on Clayton during the group date, because he gives her a one-on-one next week. Per Reality Steve, they do “a bunch of challenges. Apparently this was in front of people, but no pics ever got out from this date. Sarah got the rose.”

Soooo, how far does she make it? Answer: pretty far.

She Makes It to Clayton’s Final 7

Sarah joined Clayton and his final nine in Croatia, where she got another one-on-one with her man and another rose. She then joined Clayton’s final seven in Vienna but didn’t end up making it as a finalist and went home during the rose ceremony. Bummer that she heads home before viewers/Clayton can meet her family, but something tells me we’ll see her in Paradise.

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