SEAL Team season 5: Will Sonny Quinn and Lisa Davis get back together?

SEAL Team: Sonny discusses concerns over Hannah's 'complications'

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SEAL Team is as much about heart as it is conflict, with the relationships between characters taking centre stage across the four seasons of the show. Ahead of season five, fans believe Sonny Quinn (played by AJ Buckley) and Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) could be trying to make things work again. There are some signs to suggest it could happen, with viewers posting their own thoughts.

Will Sonny Quinn and Lisa Davis get together in season 5?

The life of the squadmates in SEAL Team is never easy, both on or off the battlefield, and season five looks to be just as complicated. 

Sonny Quinn and Lisa Davis have been at the heart of the show for many fans, with their on-again, off-again relationship creating more tension than the action sequences. 

During season four, things were the most difficult so far for the pair, after having split up, Sonny made a decision he would regret.

Things looked good at first, with Sonny and Lisa finally reconnecting through season four, but it was what Sonny had done before this which caused problems for them again.

While the two were split up, Sonny’s childhood friend Hannah Oliver (Rachel Boston) came to visit him after he failed to pick up the phone.

When the two were talking, Hannah revealed something Sonny clearly wasn’t expecting to hear.

Near the end of season four, it was revealed Hannah is expecting Sonny’s child, leaving him lost for words.

It came just after Lisa made it clear she wanted things to work out between them, leading to the point where she would leave SEAL Team to make it work.

Sonny hasn’t revealed the pregnancy to anyone, not even Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz), who he usually confides to with everything.  

The season ended on a cliffhanger for the complicated relationship, but fans are still hoping Sonny and Lisa can make things work in season five.

On Twitter, star Ray Perry star Neil Brown Jr updated fans on August 2, making the announcement production had started on the fifth season.

“We cannot wait for you to see what we got coming this fall,” Brown Jr announced, “it’s going to be something special.”

The post was shared to the official SEAL Team Twitter account and captioned: “We’re BACK in production! What are your Season 5 predictions?”

Fans wasted no time in sharing their thoughts on Sonny and Lisa, with one commenting: “Sonny and Davis are getting back together, and the team will continue to do what they do best, kick booty out on missions.”

Another fan replied: “Sonny and Davis are star-crossed lovers. I don’t see a future in their relationship.”

There is definitely division among the fanbase over what will happen between the two, but another viewer offered a more detailed explanation.

“I predict that Sonny and Lisa get busted since an enlisted/officer unduly familiar relationship, no matter what command they are in, is in violation of the OPNAV fraternization policy and is punishable under Article 92 of the UCMJ. Just saying,” the fan commented.

Neither CBS nor Paramount Plus have revealed the details on season five’s plot, with no trailer to go on either.

Now production is well underway, a trailer, and therefore further details on season five will be coming imminently.

The move to Paramount Plus will bring some changes to the show, with it already revealed the lack of commercial breaks will add an additional 10 minutes plus each episode.

SEAL Team season five will release exclusively on October 10 on Paramount Plus in the USA. The UK release date has not been confirmed.

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