Seth Meyers Recaps European Trip Blunders Of Donald Trump, “The Kramer Of International Diplomacy”

NBC’s Late Night with Seth Meyers was on hiatus during President Donald Trump’s European trip last week, so in his first show back, Meyers took A Closer Look at Trump’s visit to the U.K., Ireland and France amid growing momentum among Democrats on Capital Hill to impeach him.

“President Trump is back in the US fresh of his trip in Europa doing and saying dumb things in important places,” Meyers said. He launched a highlight reel that included Trump wearing the ill-fitting tuxedo for the State Dinner with Queen Elizabeth, trying a Winston Churchill-style hat on British television, giving a long-winded and virtually incomprehensible explanation of D-Day’s historical significance and attacking Nancy Pelosi in Normandy during a Fox News interview in front of the graves of American solders.

Then came footage pf Trump’s meeting with the Irish Prime Minister during the President’s visit to his gold course there that touched upon the impact of Brexit on the border between Ireland and UK-controlled Northern Ireland. “Right now it’s open border, and the absolutely last thing anyone wants there is a wall, so naturally Trump said something about having a wall there, a comment that was so dumb, the Prime Minister of Ireland had to correct him,” Meyers said “Seriously, this guy is unbelievable. These countries are in the middle of an extremely delicate diplomatic situation involving a landmark piece accord that ended decades of sectarian conflict, and Trump just bursts in and immediately says the wrong thing, He is the Kramer of international diplomacy.”

Meyers illustrated the reference with an image from classic NBC comedy series Seinfeld featuring the character of Kramer in his signature move of bursting into neighbor Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment,

Besides recounting Trumps’ “Brexit bloopers,” Meyers outlined how the President “used the trip to enrich himself” by promoting his golf course, chronicled the calls by prominent democrats in the U.S. to impeach him following the Mueller report, and took a shot at Fox News star and Trump supporter Sean Hannity for his recent comments about Pelosi Watch the video above.


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