Sex/Life season 2 release date finally announced by Netflix

Sex/Life: Trailer for season 2 of Netflix series

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Sex/Life was the steamy Netflix drama that saw Billie Connelly (played by Sarah Shahi) become dissatisfied with her marriage to Cooper Connelly (Mike Vogel) and started fantasising about her ex-boyfriend Brad Simon (Adam Demos). This led to a number of racy moments, including a shower scene which left fans stunned. There has been radio silence regarding its return but the streaming service has finally teased what’s to come.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Sex/Life.

When will Sex/Life season 2 come out?

Sex/Life season one made its debut on June 25, 2021 on Netflix, and instantly won itself a fan base.

From its carpe diem attitude and frequent sex scenes, it’s no wonder that more than 67million households tuned in, in the first four weeks of its release.

As a result, Netflix quickly gave the drama a second season renewal which didn’t come as too much of a surprise given the cliffhanger.

Now, the platform has released a trailer revealing exactly when season two will come out.

Sex/Life season two is going to premiere on Thursday, March 2, on Netflix.

There has been no official word on how many episodes it will be made up of but it is likely to consist of eight, following in the footsteps of the first outing.

Teasing what’s to come in the trailer, Billie says in a voiceover: “The desire to wake up, stop sleepwalking through our lives.

“To stop trying to do the right thing, while denying our truth.”

“But those of us who do, we tread in dangerous waters.

“Because once you wake up, once you get even just a tiny taste, there’s no going back.”

Once again, actress Sarah Shahi will be returning as Billie and actors Mike Vogel and Adam Demos as Cooper and Brad respectively.

There will also be a number of new faces joining the cast as well, who have been named as Dylan Bruce, Darius Homayoun, Cleo Anthony, Wallis Day and Craig Bierko.

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As predicted, the trailer shows some passionate moments between Billie and Brad, as well as Cooper flirting with his boss Francesca (Li Jun Li) who fancied him in series one.

So could Cooper end up having an affair with her and how would Billie feel about the betrayal?

In the first outing, Billie and Cooper’s marriage was in trouble until they eventually agreed to make more time for one another and work on their relationship.

Things seemed to be going really well for them until Billie got the urge to see Brad.

In the final few moments, Billie is seen going into his flat, with him standing there, waiting for her.

She then runs over and passionately kisses him, confusing fans as it appeared her and Cooper were in a good place.

In season two, Billie is going to try and balance her “perfect” marriage with her desire for Brad.

Sex/Life creator and showrunner Stacy Rukeyser said of the series two announcement: “I’m thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to continue telling this story for Billie, and for all of us.”

Sex/Life season two premieres on Thursday, March 2, on Netflix.

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