Silent Witness season 2021 episode 9 cast: Who is in the cast?

Silent Witness: BBC release trailer for new series

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Silent Witness’ most recent season has had viewers on the edge of their seats after an 18-month break delayed the start date as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Episode nine of the BBC show is the penultimate episode to be shown in 2021 as the team take on one last case before the finale concludes on Tuesday evening. There will be old and new faces making an appearance in the cast and here is a full list of those who will be starring in the episode.

Who is in the cast of Silent Witness 2021 episode nine?

Emilia Fox as Dr Nikki Alexander

Once again, Emilia reprises her role as the infamous Nikki Alexander, who leads the team into treacherous waters with the new case.

The investigation sees Nikki’s students make a discovery whilst dissecting a body for their training and she is forced to take the reins to get answers.

In recent episodes, the beloved character has been seen enjoying time outside of work in an unusual insight into her life.

Viewers have seen her attempting karaoke and being asked to attend a Halloween fancy dress party but it seems her social life could cost her gravely as a student called Ollie gets too close for comfort.

Emilia is one of the longest-standing cast members on the show, having played her straight-talking alter-ego since 2004.

David Caves as Jack Hodgson

Jack is also one of the main characters on the show who is yet to leave and he gets pulled into a case at a care home in episode nine.

The victim is the one whose body Nikki’s class will be dissecting but he also has another task on his hands.

As floodwaters put the care home at risk of going under, Jack has to ensure the residents don’t die on his watch.

David has been a member of the cast since 2013 and is also known for his roles in several films and on the stage.

It’s been a lovely surprise

Genesis Lynea

Genesis Lynea as Simone Tyler

Actress Simone returns in episode nine as Genesis, who is an ecologist helping Jack try and crack the case at the care home.

Speaking of joining the cast, Genesis said: “Simone Tyler is a zealous and meticulous ecologist who is making a massive jump from museum to the mortuary.

“It’s been a lovely surprise to film a project during such a testing time, with so much to learn and sink my teeth into.

“It’s really fulfilling to learn a new way of thinking and seeing through the eyes of Simone – as she learns, I learn.”

Fans might remember Genesis from her role in Casualty where she played doctor Archie Hudson for just over a year.

Sian Phillips as Beattie Elleston

One of the special guest stars featuring in episode nine is award-winning actress Dame Sian Phillips as care home resident Bettie.

Not much is known about the character but viewers will recognise the actress from the multitude of work she has done.

Sian has starred in multiple shows in the theatre and some of her best-known television work includes roles in Keeping Faith and 80s drama, Winston Churchill: The Wilderness Years.

Some of her roles on the big screen include her characters in House of America, Clash of the Titans and Goodbye, Mr Chips.

Pauline McLynn as Mary Thorpe

Another guest star in episode nine is Pauline McLynn as the character of Mary, who is a member of staff at the care home.

The Irish actress has featured in several television shows over the years, including her role as Mrs Doyle in Father Ted and Libby Crocker in Shameless.

Pauline has also played Yvonne Cotton in EastEnders, the mother of Dot Cotton’s (played by June Brown) grandson, Charlie Cotton (Declan Bennett).

Not much is known about her character in the show but she will be interacting a lot with Jack and Genesis to get answers for their investigation.

Jack Bandeira as Ollie

One of the standout characters to keep an eye on in the episode will be Ollie, who becomes very close to his tutor Nikki.

Their bond will see some dangerous feelings developing between the pair but it is yet to be revealed what this means exactly.

The actor who plays him, Jack, has made notable appearances in several programmes, including Netflix’s Sex Education.

He has also played characters in The Duke and Gunpowder Milkshake, which is an action/thriller currently being shown in theatres and on Netflix.

Silent Witness continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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