Silent Witness viewers baffled by cause of prisoners death Make up their mind

Silent Witness: Emilia Fox discusses playing Dr. Nikki Alexander

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Fans of the BBC show, which is now in its 24th series, were pleased to see it back on screen after a period of delay during the coronavirus pandemic. The second episode of Silent Witness saw a surprising breakthrough in the death of Jay, a prisoner who died in suspicious circumstances. But after initially believing he had been beaten up, Dr Nikki Alexander (played by Emilia Fox) changed her mind from Jay suffering from hypothermia to a food allergy and again to a bee sting. Confused viewers were left scratching their heads over how such varying causes of death couldn’t be ruled out, with one admitting they had “lost count” of how many ways Jay might have died.

Nikki was called to the high-security prison to try to work out how the inmate had ended up dead.

She was initially adamant that inmate Scott Weston (played by Elliott Tittensor) had killed Jay.

“The emphasis on Jay’s injuries causing his death, accusing Scott Weston of his murder – you jumped the gun,” investigating officer Dan Mason (Kevin Eldon) told her.

Later, after realising Jay may have suffered an anaphylactic shock, Nikki said: “There’s nothing in his notes.”

“Allergies can happen at any age,” Jack Hodgson (David Caves) replied.

“It could be a new thing.” The team then believed the food Jay ate during his lunch could have been what killed him.

When Nikki found out Jay had been allergic to bee stings, she told Jack, who said: “So, he didn’t die as a result of the food he ate.”

“No,” she replied, adding: “I guess he was stung.”

Because it hadn’t been on Jay’s records, they asked his mother about the allergy and she confirmed it.

The team later confirmed that “bee venom” had been an active ingredient of Jay’s skin cream.

They worked out that his mum, Dionne (Cecilia Noble), was behind the fatal cream.

She had hoped Jay would need hospital treatment and planned to break him out of prison using his allergy.

But with the cause of his death constantly changing, viewers began to question the storyline.

One took to Twitter to joke: “It was the bee wot dunnit #SilentWitness.”

Another wrote: “I’m also losing it at bee venom.”

“Who tf puts bee venom in skin cream!? that’s an accident waiting to happen #silentwitness,” a third commented.

Another penned: “BEES????? Bees are friends.”

Someone else quipped: “I’ve lost count of the possible cause of death for this guy – beaten up, frozen, stamped on, or a bee sting #SilentWitness.”

“Are they actually going to make their mind up about what killed this man??? #SilentWitness,” a sixth posted.

“This was clearly the work of death eaters… #SilentWitness,” another viewer joked.

Silent Witness continues on Monday at 9pm on BBC One.

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