Spoilers: Phil killed in prison after huge Kat decision in EastEnders?

Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is currently in prison on EastEnders, but could he be about to meet his doom at the hands of disgruntled fellow prisoners?

In upcoming episodes Kat (Jessie Wallace) is faced with a huge decision. Ben (Max Bowden) wants her to accept a package on behalf of Phil and stash it somewhere safe. Kat is reluctant to get involved with whatever it turns out to be, but a visit to Phil in prison changes her mind.

He begs her to accept the package, saying that if she doesn’t he’s in huge danger from inside the prison.

What could be in the package? Whatever it is it’s bound to be illegal, and when Kat finally does accept it she’s rocked to the core by what she finds. It leads her to have a massive showdown with Ben, accusing him of not being there for his father.

But meanwhile, in prison, what are the implications for Phil? Kat has the package, but what’s going to happen next?

It seems that Phil has got himself into serious trouble yet again and his life could be in danger – but is there anything Kat or Ben can do to help him?

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