Squid Game: Old Man still alive as fan spots clue he faked his death

Squid Game official trailer from Netflix

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Squid Game is one of the latest shows to join the list of Netflix’s most-watched series’ after gaining worldwide popularity and millions of fans. Despite the shocking season finale, one viewer is convinced Old Man is still alive after spotting a clue in the final episode.

Taking to Reddit, user Senorali exposed the clue and asked: “Is there any confirmation that the boss actually died in his hospital bed?

They explained: “He already faked his death once when playing marbles; couldn’t he have faked his death again by having a hidden switch that caused his monitor to flatline?

“Having a safety measure of this kind would make sense for him since he had good reason to believe that Gi Hun might attempt to kill him,” the user explained.

“In fact, that’s exactly what happened: as soon as he knew that he had lost the bet, he hit the switch to prevent Gi Hun from finishing him off. That would make more sense to me than him coincidentally dying exactly at midnight,“ concluded Serorali.

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After winning the brutal survival game and the cash prize of £28.2million Gi Hun went home to share the news with his mother but learned she sadly passed while he was away.

Understandably he became severely depressed and was even contacted by the back due to a lack of spending.

As well as the loss of his mother, Gi Hun was also mourning the loss of the people who died trying to win the cash prize.

He then received directions telling him to be at the top floor of an indoor multi-storey car park where he was reunited with Old Man.

In the season finale, fans made the shocking discovery which unveiled the Old man as the founder of the survival games.

It was already a shock for viewers to see the Old Man was still alive after he appeared to have died during a game of marbles, while paired with Gi Hun.

While on his deathbed, the Old Man explained how and why he came up with the games as well as why he chose to go undercover as a participant.

Understandably Gi Hun didn’t see his side as to him, there was no justification for making people play childhood games, which led to death for money.

Other fans including VivAuburn disagreed with the theory of Old Man faking his death and responded: “Why tho? Why even announce that he is alive? Gi hun wouldn’t kill him, he is incapable of that and Il nam knew it perfectly well.

They continued: “If he was worried for his safety he could call the guards, we know that at least Frontman was close by – not to mention why would he care to live longer if he is so old and has a tumor?

When Gi Hun first woke up at the games, Old Man was the first person he spoke to and the two formed a friendship and alliance.

This was evident as the games progressed and then again during Tug of War as nobody wanted Old Man on their team.

Dea_giovanni also disagreed with the theory and posted: “if he believed Gi-hun posed any threat, why would he have invited him up to his bedside in the first place?”

Old Man wanted to play one more game with Gi Hun and they bet on whether a homeless person who sat outside would receive help before midnight.

However as Gi Hun turned around excited to share he won as someone offered help, Old Man had died at exactly midnight.

Later on, as he left Old Man and returned home the next scene showed Front Man was next to Old Man corpse, highlighting he was nearby the whole time.

Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix.

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