Stacey commits a risky crime as things get worse in EastEnders

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) has been really struggling to make ends meet amid the cost of living crisis in EastEnders.

With a family to feed, as well as a grandchild on the way, she has been working all hours to try and put food on the table.

Tonight, however, she saw a way out of her situation, as she and mum Jean (Gillian Wright) headed back to the office block that they had cleaned the night before.

While cleaning up after a staff party, it became clear that money was no object for their client, as they poured away half drunk bottles of expensive champagne.

The true extent of their wealth wasn’t revealed until Stacey found an open cash tin, absolutely loaded with notes.

Reluctantly, Stacey shut the door on the cupboard as the pair headed to clean the second floor, and it was unclear what had become of the stash of cash until much later.

When they arrived home, exhausted, Jean headed straight to bed, while Stacey made excuses to head into the kitchen.

Reaching into her bucket of cleaning supplies, she pulled out a cloth. As she unwrapped it, it became clear that it was the money from the cash tin.

With Stacey resorting to theft, will she end up in big trouble?

Actress Lacey Turner previously revealed that Stacey would ‘go to whatever lengths she’d have to go to protect’ her family.

‘She’s not a quitter, so she’ll keep trying and keep going until she physically can’t do anymore.

‘I think for her, as long as her kids have eaten, they’re warm and they’re clothed, then she’s happy and everything else doesn’t really matter.’

It seems as though Stacey will do whatever she can to keep her hands on the money, but with her criminal record hanging over her, could things backfire massively?

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