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WITH a baby on the way, Stacey Slater is growing more desperate for cash than ever.

Unfortunately for her, this could mean a trip back to prison as the police grow suspicious of her next week in EastEnders.

Money has become Stacey Slater's main priority after her family encountered many mishaps and her daughter Lily was said to be pregnant at only twelve years old.

As she tries to keep her bap business afloat, the matriarch played by Lacey Turner also turned to Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) in the hopes she could get a job in The Vic, to no avail.

Eventually, her mother Jean (Gillian Wright) managed to find her some cleaning work – and Stacey jumped on an opportunity to make some VERY quick (and illegal) cash.

Next week on BBC One, there's calamity at the Slaters' when the fridge breaks down but Stacey isn't fussed as she has money to spare.

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Jean is immediately suspicious and demands to know if Stacey stole it but she denies it all – until Lily (Lillia Turner) gets into a fight at school.

While splashing some cash may bring her extra relief, Stacey realises she could lose her children if she was ever caught.

This prompts her to do the right thing and she asks for Jean's help to return the money by distracting the security guard, Alan.

But nothing goes according to plan and, in later scenes, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) approaches Stacey and asks her to go to the station the following day to explain herself.

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Worried, Stacey prepares herself to go to the police station and is terrified she could be headed back to prison which would mean she'd miss Lily's prizegiving later that same day.

During her interview, Stacey denies stealing the money as Callum questions her but will he believe her?

There's no doubt that Stacey would rather not go back to prison, particularly after spending time there in 2021.


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As viewers of the London-based program will remember, Stacey was imprisoned when Ruby Allen lied to the police and said she had been pushed down the stairs by the food van owner which resulted in a miscarriage.

Stacey handed herself in and received a six-months sentence while Jean took care of Ruby herself.

Months after being locked up, Stacey was released on probation and returned to Walford… with her wife Eve Unwin in tow.

The pair tied the knot in the hopes of being released together but have since focused on their own love lives while still remaining very close.

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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