Stacey Solomon reveals she’s gone ‘crazy’ organising her house with labelled jars to calm her anxiety – The Sun

STACEY Solomon has come up with her own solution to combating her anxiety – organising her house with labelled jars.

The popular Loose Women presenter has revealed that keeping things in order at home helps keep her mind “occupied” when she’s feeling overwhelmed.

Responding to one fan about how she deals with anxiety, Stacey revealed: “I get it all the time. I think that’s why I like to organise and do little bits and pieces that really keep my mind occupied. Whenever I am organising a drawer it completely takes my mind off anxiety and anything else that’s worrying me.”

Over the past week, the mum of three has shared several clips on Instagram which highlight her method.

She uses labelled glass jars to organise everything from herbs and spices to dog food and bird seed.

Stacey also embarked on a shopping trip in search of cupboard organisers and was overjoyed to find the ones she wanted in Ikea.

She wrote: "This is a lesson in, NEVER GIVE UP If your store is sold out search through the cupboards and find the display they'll be back next week though they've assured me (I'm crazy)".


Back in December, Stacey enlisted the help of Essex-based Style Sisters, aka Gemma Lolly and Charlotte Reddington, to “detox” and organise her boys’ bedrooms. She was thrilled with the result.

She said: “The girls literally saved my life yesterday and Leighton is fascinated with his organised Lego!”

Stacey – who gave birth to her third son, Rex, last year – has always been open and honest when it comes to her mental health.

Last year she revealed she “struggled with crazy thoughts” and had turned to a mental health charity for help.

She travelled to a lavender farm with partner Joe Swash in the hope that it’d help bring a sense of calm.

She wrote: "Couldn’t keep my mind still today. It was wondering off into some strange places.

"After spending the morning googling every which way to switch my brain off i came to the conclusion that because lavender was mentioned in almost every “keep calm remedy” that I needed to visit a lavender farm.

"I don’t know what I thought would happen. Maybe I’d roll around in it and breath it in so deeply that my thoughts slept for a while.

"The lavender didn’t get rid of my anxiety but it was beautiful and for the hour I spent picking it I definitely thought less about anything scary and more about how to cut the right bits and survive the killer bees.

"So, in conclusion I probably didn’t need to force Joe to drive me 45 miles to our “closest” lavender field but I’m glad I did.

"It got us all out of the house, it was breathtakingly beautiful and it took me away, even if just for a couple of hours, from the dread.

"If anyone reading this feels the same, getting out and occupying your mind might help, it does with me sometimes.

"Also if you need it, there’s lots of people out there to talk to. @mindcharity @pandas_uk or look up PNMH teams in your area, I’m not ashamed to say I speak to someone from my local team regularly."


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