Sunday Brunch viewers switch off as they blast line up

Sunday Brunch: Simon apologises for Tim ‘taking the Mickey’

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This week’s Sunday Brunch saw actor Mark Stanley, comedian Maisie Adam, actor Charlie Brooks, TV writer Phil Rosenthal, actor Rochenda Sandall, wildlife presenter Gordon Buchanan, singer Tom Grennan and chef Tom Kerridge sampling dishes made by the cooks, with conversations and interviews with the stars dotted through the two-and-a-half hour instalment. However, some of the Channel 4 viewers weren’t impressed by the episode or the guests, with some switching off from the show.

Tim and Simon chatted to each guest in turn, including US television writer Phil.

He talked about his time working on the hit series Everybody Loves Raymond.

Line of Duty star Rochenda and partner Mark Stanley, who is currently starring in BBC’s Happy Valley, also detailed their upcoming projects.

Additionally, wildlife expert and filmmaker Gordon talked about his sell-out tour last year.

Gordon also explained he would be going back on tour and detailed some run-ins he’s faced with elephants and bears.

However, despite a lengthy line-up of actors and entertainers, some fans were disappointed by the people and the interviews.

Several took to social media to say they “didn’t know” who most of the guests were, with some going as far as “changing the channel”.

Twitter user @Borisnose2 wrote: “I have absolutely zero clue as to who any of these guests are? Did they all just walk in off the street? #sundaybrunch.”

@ExWMTony replied: “That’s why this # is so quiet today. I don’t know who they are either. Off to other channels now.”

@Squeaks1330 shared: “Lol I only know Tom Grennan – he’s a singer and I think that’s Charlie (Janine) from Eastenders.”

@Borisnose2 fumed: “The #sundaybrunch hashtag is incredibly quiet today. A panel of no mark guests will do that I suppose [sic].”

However, some disagreed and praised the week’s line-up of famous faces.

@MadKDog penneD: “Personally, I think #SundayBrunch has a good lineup this week. I even know who the singer is. it’s a miracle! [sic]”

HEGATTY68 added: “Just tuned in who’s the American guy? He’s hilarious! #SundayBrunch.”

While @DawudAishah complained about the hosts’ line of questioning.

They shared: “This Phil guy is a legend and just an all-amazing guy especially for creating one of the best sitcoms.

“And all Tim did was just rush him through a pointless interview.

“Don’t have guests on if u don’t have time to do a proper interview. It just comes across as rude. #Sundaybrunch [sic].”

Many others shared this view on Phil, with several stating what a “lovely” guest he was.

@MaxiWardley remarked: “@PhilRosenthal Comes across as such a nice guy.”

Sunday Brunch airs weekly from 9.30am on Channel 4.

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