Take Off with Bradley and Holly fans fume over holiday prizes as they cant go

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After the pandemic, many people are itching to jet off to sunnier climes, and Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh's new show has caused upset.

Called Take Off, the new BBC show originally started as a one off special back in December 2019.

The programme sees contestants competing to win a seat on a plane to go to Hollywood or Las Vegas.

An announced confirmed at the start of the show that the series was filmed before the pandemic.

Viewers are fuming, as they cannot go on holiday to many of these locations yet due to Covid, and feel like the show is rubbing salt into the wound.

One tweeted: "So I have this right? Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby's new show is about people trying to win holidays… even though we can't travel anywhere?"

"Hollywood and Las Vegas – erm, the UK are banned from travelling to the USA!" exclaimed another.

Another fumed: "Begging for a holiday so badly, and now we have to put up with TakeOff being on TV!"

"Quiz show to win a trip to the US when you can't travel there, makes sense!" queried one viewer.

"When exactly will they be able to jet off, 2035?" joked another.

Other viewers were confused by long ago the series was filmed.

"Filmed before the pandemic – So they've been sitting on this for 18 months?" asked one.

"Mad, mad, mad how far ahead of time some telly is filmed isn't it?" marvelled another.

"Strange watching Take Off which was obviously filmed way before the pandemic. A full audience and actual handshaking!" noticed one viewer.

"When was this filmed? Because it definitely isn't recent as no one has been anywhere near America on holiday recently"

Fans are questioning the timing of showing the series now, but have praised Holly for her stunning outfit and hair, and loved Bradley's jokes.

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