Tayah and Adam Married At First Sight UK: Where are Tayah and Adam now?

Married at First Sight UK: Family tensions mount in Monday's promo

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Tayah and Adam were seen as the perfect match by the panel of Married At First Sight UK experts. Estate agent Tayah was looking to find a man who takes care of himself and oozed confidence. Meanwhile, electrician Adam has struggled to make time to devote himself to a long-term partner.

Where are Tayah and Adam from MAFSUK now?

This week marks the final batch of weddings as the panel of experts choose the last of the eight couples.

Tayah, 25, and Adam, 26, were matched by the experts as they both cared a lot about positivity and natural beauty.

However, Tayah faced problems before her wedding had even taken place, as she fell out with her mother about joining the experiment.

Her mother warned her she was taking a huge risk and saw the whole ordeal as “irresponsible”.

Tayah was more concerned about whether mum would even turn up to the wedding, rather than who her match would be.

There was another hurdle when Adam was attracted to one of Tayah’s bridesmaids, mistaking her for the bride.

He was heard saying: “The nerves have definitely kicked in and it’s hard to get my head around.

“If this goes well I’ll be talking about this day for the rest of my life.” He turned around just as one of the bridesmaids was walking down the aisle.

He then said: “Wow, nice to meet you,” in an awkward moment where he believed she was his match.

The bridesmaid was heard saying how Adam was good looking, but her family were concerned he was “a bit pretty” for her.

The pair were matched because they shared similar family values and they had both been through hard times. 

Tayah opened up about a heartbreaking miscarriage, and her desire to have children before she reached 30. 

Ahead of the season premiere, she said on Instagram: “I can not wait for everyone to see the journey that we all went through.

“This was the most amazing and intense journey I’ve ever been through but the lessons learnt along the way have been lessons I will carry on for the rest of my life.

“I really hope everyone enjoys this series as much as we enjoyed filming it.”

From this it seems her experience included many ups and downs, and it could mean bad news for the couple.

Adam is also on Instagram and he has been sharing some behind the scenes photos from his wedding.

In another post, he said: “So happy everyone can finally watch this mad journey! This is the reason why I’ve been quiet all year. Gunna be a rollercoaster! Get the beers ready.”

The bodybuilder admitted to having “commitment issues” in another post, so hopefully, he will be able to tackle this with Tayah.

However, relationship Paul Brunson said he was excited for the match and were positive they would make it through, commenting on how great they looked together. 

Over the coming weeks, the pair will be given a luxurious honeymoon destination and they will have the chance to get to know each other.

They will then have a chance to meet each other’s friends and family, and cracks will most likely start to show.

Each couple will also take part in a number of dinner parties, where they will assess one another’s progress.

The experts will be on hand to offer guidance and advice, and they include relationship coaches Mel Schilling, Paul Brunson and sex therapist, Charlene Douglas.

Fans will not learn for certain whether the couple are still together until they make a decision on renewing their vows.

Married At First Sight UK airs from Mondays to Thursdays at 9pm on E4.

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