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*Warning: Ted Lasso season 3 spoilers ahead* 

Ted Lasso has been struggling a little with AFC Richmond over the course of season three. With the exception of a short-lived stint of football hero Zava, the team have been on a losing streak they’ve been struggling to break, with every decision not seeming to work.

If this was the real world, it could be argued that Coach Lasso (played by Jason Sudeikis) would’ve been fired by now as Richmond fights to stop themselves getting relegated again.

But Ted is just so damn likeable, it’s impossible for anyone to think the unthinkable, let alone say it.

However, after suffering another bitter loss, club owner Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) gets a shock when its her bumbling director of football operations, Higgins (Jeremy Swift) who finally pulls the trigger and begins to suggest what everyone else was too scared to.

While the conversation was quickly brushed aside by Rebecca, who’s come to adore Ted and the spirit he brings to the club, it marks a major moment for Higgins, who at the beginning of the show was far too timid and fearful to confront Rebecca.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Swift explained why that moment was so important.

“Although it’s beautifully written, he didn’t quite say exactly what he was going for,” the actor admitted. “But ultimately, now he’s been levelled up by Ted, and therefore Rebecca, he’s going to say what is best for the team.

“That is his modus operandi, to get the team into a better place. He’s certainly going to find it frustrating that having achieved so much, they don’t want to go backwards. So he’s got to be the person.”

“Rebecca, although she’s a strong woman and everything, she’s often distracted by life circumstances, and Higgins has to sort of get everybody to progress and move forward,” he continued.

“So yeah, [I’m] surprised but not surprised in a way [he made the call], because he sort of goes for some of the difficult truths.

“Like in the second season, about Coach Beard’s girlfriend, Jane. He’s alone, nobody sort of goes with him on that little journey there, but nevertheless, he’s posited it and he’s asked the difficult questions.”

“This is why he has acid reflux!” Swift laughs.

Higgins’s development on-screen has not gone unnoticed by fans. Once turned into a covert mole by Rebecca in order to destroy Richmond from the inside, he’s now one of the essential cogs that keep Richmond turning.

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As his confidence has grown, fans have even seen him realise his passion for music more – even secretly playing a set at a jazz club during a group trip to Amsterdam.

(This is, at least in part, inspired by Swift’s real-life love of music, even creating a new album, Songs Of Escape And Endless Nights).

Swift puts this down to Higgins finally becoming “more comfortable in his own skin”, happy to be at work and provide for his wife and five kids when he’s not at the training ground.

It’s this kind of security that ultimately makes him an essential part of the group – especially to Ted, who has been struggling with being away from his home and son back in Kansas, US, in order to coach the team.

“I think the mentor thing, the father figure, has been sort of underlined a little bit,” Swift said of his character’s relationship with Ted.

“Ted respects him hugely for the kind of advice he didn’t know he had until he spoke. I think that’s the change up. Storyline wise, he’s older, he’s more stable, so he’s not going to have an affair or get into, you know, crystal meth or something!”

As it stands, Ted’s job remains safe at least for now.

But with another loss under his belt, will there be more drastic measures that need to be taken in order to see Richmond succeed?

Was Higgins right after all?

Ted Lasso continues Wednesdays on Apple TV+.

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