Teen Mom fans fear Mackenzie McKee's kids will be 'eaten by alligators' after she claims Jaxie, 7, saw one in backyard

TEEN Mom OG fans expressed their fear that Mackenzie McKee's kids will be "eaten by alligators."

The concern comes after the 26-year-old claimed her daughter Jaxie, seven, saw one in their Florida backyard.

The MTV star recently took to Facebook to update her friends and fans about her life.

After sharing updates about her father and husband Josh, Mackenzie wrote: "Jaxie just came in screaming because their is a baby alligator in our back yard who came to say hi."

In addition to Jaxie, Mackenzie and Josh are also the parents to nine-year-old son Gannon and four-year-old son Broncs.

A number of concerned Teen Mom fans took to Reddit to discuss the alligator sighting, as many worried for the safety of her kids.

One person asked: "Anyone else now afraid her kids are going to get eaten by an alligator? She’s too dumb to actually protect her kids or teach them to avoid danger."

A following person agreed as they responded: "This. I'm literally filled with dread for them."

A third fan chimed in: "She posted the other day that Gannon came up to her with a fish that he had caught, because he was fishing alone at a pond on their property. So yeah, a little worried."

The concerned comments continued as another person wrote: "Maybe this is some I'm-not-from-Florida-so-this-sounds-insane-to-me-panic, but honestly, the fact that gators are commonly seen in Florida gives me so much anxiety knowing how little supervision her kids have.

"Like, between the lack of supervision and seemingly non-existent teaching of action/consequence going on in that home, it wouldn't surprise me if one of her kids tried to bother with a small gator at some point in the near future and was injured."

Another Reddit user said: "It's definitely a concern. I live in SC (the bastard child of Florida and Ohio) and people DO get attacked by alligators here, more often than people who aren't from here would ever be comfortable with.

"I think things like drowning and snake bites are probably more of a risk for her kids, but a gator attack is definitely a possibility."

A following person wrote: "Ah, so there are alligators around her house. She posted the other day that Gannon was fishing at their pond alone."

Many Teen Mom fans confirmed that alligators are a serious concern in Florida, as someone else added: "Yes, if you're in Florida you can count on alligators being in any fresh water (and occasionally salt water) near you.

"Last month her town was on the news because a giant one was on somebody's porch hissing."

The concern from fans comes after the mother-of-three came under fire earlier this year for using a racial slur while talking about Vice President Kamala Harris.

Mackenzie shut down a troll who called "racist" on a photo of her doing a yoga pose on the beach.

She fired back: "If you think that then why are you following me and spending time out of your day on my page?

"It's reasons like YOU we all can't grow up and move forward. Also actually I don't HAVE to like her. That's the beauty of life."

Mackenzie and co-star Cheyenne Floyd have been clashing since the fit mom called Harris a "colored woman."

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