‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham’s Mother Gives Decent Dating and Relationship Advice

We’re always hearing about Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, but her mom, Debra Danielsen, is also a reality star in her own right. Farrah’s mom released a dating and relationship book titled Vapor last year. The book is about how to avoid getting conned through catfishing. If you know nothing about the topic, you might learn a thing or two. Danielsen also gives relationship advice on her Instagram page and YouTube channel. Here are some of Debra Danielsen’s pearls of wisdom.

Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment

In an Instagram video post, Debra tells her audience what tolook out for when meeting someone new. She says it’s easy to get sucked into anew relationship after you’ve recently experienced hardship. She warns peopleto make sure they’re thinking with their head and not just their heart:

Did you ever think that you could be a very vulnerable person at certain times? Are you extra lonely? Did you have a bad experience? Did you get fired from your job? Are you just plain having a bad year? If so, you can be especially vulnerable when you’re doing any kind of online dating or social media. Just be very careful to always ask yourself when you meet someone for the first time when they’re telling you overtly how beautiful you are or how smart you are or how handsome you are, it could be someone who is just trying to set you up for a scam or a Catfish episode.

If someone seems too good to be true, keep your guard up

You’ve probably heard the advice that if something is toogood to be true it usually is. The same goes for relationships. If you decidedto jump into the dating pool and you meet someone who seems to effortlesslycheck off all the things on your list you want in a partner, stay aware. It’spossible this person is just pretending to be what you want. He or she could bea different person entirely. Here’s what Debra had to say on the topic:

Did you meet someone online that’s just too beautiful, too handsome, too incredible to believe? And you can’t believe that they picked you? Well, chances are, that’s somebody’s picture that was stolen, somebody’s identity, somebody’s whatever, being sold and being used by a catfish or a scammer. Tip No. 2: If someone is too good-looking, too beautiful, too sexy, too handsome, whatever, I’m not saying it can’t happen; I’m just saying it probably isn’t real.

Fans react to Debra Danielsen’s advice

For the most part, fans reacted positively to Debra’sadvice. Some said Debra’s advice was basic, but others said they learnedsomething. One Instagram user said she believes Debra is providing a useful service:

I think what you’re doing is good, and useful. Yeah, some people will be negative. The truth of it is that not every person in this world knows or understands EVERYTHING. So, having someone like you to explain, or even just put the thought in someone’s head to be aware is such a good thing to do! People are tricked and got over on every single day. I mean we literally have a show that has been on the air for years that is solely based on catfishing and people being tricked. People think differently and some might not be as aware as others are. So, for the ones who might not be so aware, why not share wisdom to them? It’s a great idea that I honestly haven’t seen many people doing!

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