Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slams GMA hosts for not wearing face masks just weeks after taunting masked shoppers in Walmart

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans slammed Good Morning America hosts for not wearing face masks just weeks after taunting masked shoppers in Walmart.

The mom of three and her husband, David Eason, have been under scrutiny as they refuse to go out with a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Jenelle, 28, took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday to criticize Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, and Michael Strahan as they discussed President Donald J. Trump who had taken off his mask while being COVID-19 positive.

None of the hosts were wearing masks either but were sat six feet apart from each other at the table.

The former Teen Mom 2 star grabbed a clip of the moment and uploaded with the caption: "Reporting about Donald Trump not wearing a mask … while not wearing masks."

Back in July, David and Jenelle were slammed by fans as they shared videos of themselves shopping indoors while not wearing masks.

One fan wrote: "This is horrible. I am in NC and we have some of the highest rates right now and are on mandatory mask requirements unless you are able to socially distant yourself."

Another added: "I would literally expect nothing else from this clan.

"In fact I’d be seriously shocked to see either one of them in a mask."

The video, titled Quarantine Hair-Dye, kicked off with the fired Teen Mom 2 stars talking in their car in the Walmart parking lot with their kids sitting in the back.

The pair begin to then mock a woman as David said: "This lady is just standing in the middle of the freaking road."

Jenelle laughed and said: "She's gotta put her mask on first."

David, 32, also laughed and added: "Before she crosses the street," before Jenelle said, "She can't get too close to people!"

A few days after, she and David rocked disposable masks as they boarded a plane.

She added the caption: "For those of you saying I don't wear masks…"

However, a few weeks after that, she claimed that she also didn't want her children wearing masks because of the "carbon monoxide."

As schools face the tough decision of whether to reopen or not, Jenelle revealed her children go to a charter school that is open year round and has given parents the option of online or in-person teaching.

Jenelle and David chose online and in a new YouTube video, they opened up on their reasons.

The MTV star said: "I don't know their systems or what they will do for kids on campus, but I think they are separate, six feet apart from desks, and they have to wear facemasks.

"That was one thing we weren't comforable with. Kaiser being so little, number one, he won't keep it on all day, but number two, he'll be breathing in carbon monoxide so it's too long a day to be wearing a mask."

David added: "I don't think the mask is safe for small children to wear all day long."

The Center for Disease Control recommends "all people two years of age and older wear a mask in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain."

The CDC recently debunked claims circulating social media that masks trap exhaled carbon dioxide, risking your health.

The couple has been uploading YouTube videos where they talk about the process of getting their kids back after CPS took them "illegally."

Most recently, Jenelle mocked David's daughter, Maryssa, as she recounted that the teen changed her story multiple times while in court as they battled to get custody again.

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