Teen Mom Nikkole Paulun admits she had 'anxiety her whole pregnancy' with son Bodhi one year after tragic miscarriage

TEEN Mom Nikkole Paulun admitted she had "anxiety" the entire time while pregnant with her son Bodhi.

The reality star recently gave birth to her third child, a rainbow baby, just a year after suffering a heartbreaking miscarriage.

The 27-year-old took to TikTok to recreate a scene of herself looking at a pregnancy test, as she wrote over it: "Me 1 year ago… 'I'm never going to get pregnant and if I do I'll miscarry.'"

However, the video then shows an ultrasound photo and then Nikkole holding her pregnant belly in a photo shoot with husband Kyle Ledda.

"What a beautiful lie," the MTV star captioned the video, adding the hashtag, "rainbow baby."

Nikkole received plenty of praise, as one person wrote: "The best feeling," to which the TV star responded, "It really is. But the anxiety my whole pregnancy was the worst."

This comes after Nikkole sobbed in new footage, which included her text exchange with Kyle upon learning the baby had "no heartbeat."

In June 2020, Nikkole shared with fans the sad news and wrote: "We were so excited to announce that we were having a baby but unfortunately we found out it no longer has a heartbeat.

"Please keep us in your prayers…"

She added: "I’m so heartbroken and so scared for the future."

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However, a year later Nikkole announced the birth of her son Bodhi in an Instagram post, as she shared a snap of herself and Kyle admiring the little one in the hospital.

The 16 & Pregnant star wrote at the time: "Baby boy is here! After 14 hours of labor we welcomed our sweet rainbow babe last night!

"We’ve been just resting & soaking him all in. Thank you all so much for the prayers & congratulations. He’s perfect!"

Nikkole also has two older kids – in 2015, she welcomed Ellie Jade with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Rice, and four years later gave birth to son Lyle with troubled ex Josh Drummonds.


She has been quite open about her third pregnancy, sharing various photos and videos about how she has been feeling after giving birth.

Previously, she received some backlash for sharing a breastfeeding photo on social media.

In the snap, the TV personality stood nursing her newborn in only a pair of white underwear as she showed off some underboob.


She would clap back at the trolls, writing: "If seeing a woman breastfeed makes you uncomfortable that's a YOU problem.

"I think it's important to share breastfeeding photos, breastfeed in public, and breastfeed in front of your children."

She added: "It's one of the most natural things in the world yet we've created taboo around it. You wouldn't say this to a bottle-feeding mother so why say it to me?"

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