Teen Mom star Ryan Edwards' wife Mackenzie claims Maci Bookout 'went above producers' heads' to get her family FIRED

RYAN Edwards' wife Mackenzie has accused Maci Bookout of going above MTV producers' heads to get their family fired.

Ryan, Mackenzie and Ryan's parents Jen and Larry have all been axed from Teen Mom OG after an explosive confrontation between Larry and Maci's husband Taylor McKinney.

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The reunion show fight kicked off after Taylor told Larry that Ryan has "never been there" for Bentley, the 12-year-old son he shares with Maci.

Mackenzie claimed Maci, 29, went straight to media company Viacom to get them all ousted after the clash.

"We got a call from MTV and Maci's agent went above their heads and went to Viacom," the 24-year-old told vlogger Katie Joy.

"They said that they wanted to focus on all of Maci's abilities and whatever she does and we took up the time on the show that she could be using to show all that."

Mackenzie confirmed: "Jen and Larry got fired, we got fired."

The mother-of-two claimed MTV suggested they might bring her and Ryan, 33, back if Maci's Teen Mom storylines dry up.

"On the side, they said that when she didn't fulfil her obligations or basically didnt have enough content they would call us back," she said.

"Pretty much Ryan said, 'Don't. We're going to move on, we're going to live our lives, we're going to do our jobs and have a normal life. Dont waste your time or your breath coming back.'"

Katie asked Mackenzie if producers gave them another reason as to why they were fired other than to give Maci more room to "show off her abilities".

"They said they could read between the lines and it was more of like an anger thing and more of like a retaliation type deal after Jen and Larry and Taylor getting into it," the reality star replied.

"Her subsequent tweets that she had… it's more of an angry I'm going to show you who's boss type thing.

"And sadly, the truth of the matter is, she calls the shots here, this is her show. It is what it is, it's fine."

Mackenzie insisted the couple have plenty of job opportunities coming up after their sudden firing and said she's "relieved" to be off the show.

"Ryan has got work and he has skills and a couple o traes that he went to school for he'll be fine," she said.

"I am taking a licensing test for insurance in a couple of weeks

"I'm actually almost relieved – it's almost like a weight off my shoulders. I deserve to feel good about myself. I deserve to not be riddled with anxiety all the time."

The drama kicked off in the upcoming Teen Mom OG reunion show, during which Maci and Taylor duke it out with Jen and Larry.

A teaser from the scene shows Taylor yelling: "Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on Bentley!”

This prompts Larry to push off the couch and lunch towards Taylor, exclaiming: “You know what!”

Ryan follows suit and jumps off the couch toward Larry, but both wives hold them back.

Maci tells Taylor, "We're not doing this," as she tries to calm him down.

After the explosive fight, Bentley's grandpa Larry exclusively told The Sun: “We, the family have been let go from the show by the network. It's unbelievable.”

Though Larry was unable to confirm exactly why the family was let go, he admitted Maci was “so mad” at him at the reunion for claiming they hadn’t seen Bentley in a month. 

He added: “We got in so much trouble.”

After The Sun's report, The Ashley's Reality Roundup claimed Ryan and Mackenzie were also fired after Maci demanded production take them off the show.

Larry and Jen appeared on 16 and Pregnant, and have been featured frequently on Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG over the years. 

Maci often communicated with the grandparents over baby daddy Ryan to discuss visitation with their son Bentley. 

The Teen Mom reportedly "exploded" at her ex's parents during the Teen Mom reunion taping, and she and husband Taylor "stormed off" the set after branding Ryan a "piece of s**t," sources claimed.

Producers reportedly tried to get the couple to face off with Ryan and his wife Mackenzie at first but they refused.

Maci's son Bentley became estranged from his dad Ryan in part due to his father's long battle with substance abuse and rehab stint in 2018.

The 12-year-old had been setting boundaries with his father, including choosing to not visit the house and asking his father to attend therapy sessions with him.

Teen Mom OG – Season 9

Season 9 was filmed as the outbreak of coronavirus hit America.

Who's in the cast this season?

  • Amber Portwood
  • Catelynn Lowell
  • Cheyenne Floyd
  • Maci Bookout McKinney
  • Mackenzie McKee

Who are their boyfriends, husbands and baby daddies?

  • Amber Portwood's boyfriend Dimitri Garcia
  • Catelynn Lowell's husband Tyler Baltierra
  • Cheyenne Floyd's ex-boyfriend Cory Wharton
  • Maci Bookout's husband Taylor McKinney
  • Mackenzie McKee's husband Josh McKee

Teen Mom OG 's season nine aired on January 26th 2021 on MTV.

Maci has taken to Twitter to slam Ryan and Mackenzie, who blamed her for Bentley's decision. 

When Ryan called Maci a “spiteful evil b***h” because Bentley didn’t want to go to his brother Jagger’s birthday at their home, Maci tweeted: "I really wanted to post some 'petty b*tch' (and hilarious) comments.

"But I'll wait until they can tell me the definition of 'petty' without googling it and reading it aloud.” 

Then, when Mackenzie called Maci a “petty b***h” for keeping Bentley from them on last week's episode, she called them out after the episode. 

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