'Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant': Will Shenandoah Williams Star in the New Season?

One of the most outspoken characters on the Teen Mom franchise is Bariki “Bar” Smith’s mom, Shenandoah Williams. However, she quit the show after the last Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant season. Williams recently announced on Facebook that she will return for the upcoming season for a few personal reasons.

Why did Shenandoah Williams initially quit ‘Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant?’

Shen first quit the show in March 2018, after an explosive argument at Smith’s, 21st surprise birthday party. MTV aired the physical fight involving Williams, two of Smith’s brothers, security, Ashley Jones, and her sister. It led to Jones filing a restraining order against Williams, but the judge threw it out because of insufficient evidence.

However, Williams claimed MTV producers knew Williams would be at the party, and even put on a microphone on her. She then posted several messages between herself and MTV producers and continued to defend herself, saying Jones attacked her. The producers patched things up with Shen, and she appeared in the show again.

In September 2018, Jones’ mom, Pastor Tea, went on Instagram Live and made comments that Williams perceived as racial attacks. She wanted MTV to address the situation and even called for the firing of Pastor Tea, but nothing happened. Therefore, Williams quit the show because she “refuses to work with racists” and moved her family from Oakland, California to Akron, Ohio.

Shenandoah filming with MTV again

Williams announced to her Facebook followers that she is returning to Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant for the upcoming season. She listed her three reasons for coming back: Smith and the producers asked her, she needs the money, and she wants to use the platform for her other son, 30-year-old Troy Seales, as she is currently trying to overturn his murder conviction.

Because Smith and Jones broke up, it limits who Smith can film with, so MTV asked Williams to participate again. It is unclear if she will physically appear on the show or only through Facetime conversations.

Why is her son in prison?

On April 6th, 2018 a grand jury returned a guilty verdict for Seales on charges of shooting at an occupied vehicle and murder. Seales allegedly shot and killed a 22-year-old Oakland local, Deandre Adams, on August 25, 2017. Officials say Adams was driving in East Oakland when Seales and his accomplice, 18-year-old Dupree Riley, shot at his car, hitting him several times. Seales already has nine felony convictions.

Williams has been working with Seales’ lawyers to overturn Seales’ conviction. She has posted pictures of jurors sleeping during the trial and filed a 30+ page motion to request a new trial. Her evidence includes lack of testimony, and the witnesses that did come forward were angry, jealous, or afraid of prosecution for themselves.

There also is not enough evidence proving Seales was the last one seen with the weapon used in the shooting. To get a new trial, they must provide “new evidence” that is “material to the defendant, which he could not have discovered and produced at the trial.” One of the witnesses’ testimonies could fit this requirement, granting a new trial.

Williams will be using her platform on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant to talk publicly about the trial, thus possibly getting Seales more help. When Smith first posted about his brother’s conviction, Williams got upset. She claimed he was only using Seales as a storyline and didn’t care because he only came to one day of trial.

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