The Bachelor: Matt James Sends Home a Fan Favorite, Alum Heather Martin Crashes Show to Meet Him

This post contains spoilers from Monday's episode of The Bachelor.

This week's episode of The Bachelor opened with Matt James intent on settling the MJ-Jessenia issue.

"This isn't how I was planning on spending the evening," he told the ladies. "But I'm here to find a wife and there's obviously some tension in the issue between the both of y'all that we need to get to the bottom of."

First, Matt spoke to Jessenia, who told him Victoria and MJ "were on the forefront" of the bullying that took place in the house. "She's the one who created that division," Jessenia said about MJ. "She started it."

Meanwhile, MJ broke down in tears and called Jessenia a "little bitch." "She's not going to get away with this," MJ vowed.

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The hairstylist defended herself when she spoke one-on-one with Matt. "The fact that Jessenia said that I was creating this divide in the house as I'm trying to bring everyone together, I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted," she said. "And then to have my character put into question … that hurt me the most."

Matt, admittedly, was a bit thrown. "I had to do a double take when she initially said your name, because that's never been my relationship with you," he told MJ. "That's never something that I would expect to hear."

Still, he decided he couldn't offer MJ a rose after all of the drama, so he sent her home.


Host Chris Harrison announced that after the drama with MJ and Jessenia, there wouldn't be a cocktail party that night, so they headed straight to the rose ceremony. Serena C. blamed Katie for bringing up the issues to Matt that caused them to miss out on time with him, and the flight attendant hoped Matt would send Katie home.

But when it came time to hand out roses, Matt kept both Serena C. and Katie in the competition for his heart. He also gave roses to Serena P., Michelle, Pieper, Bri and Chelsea. That meant newcomers Brittany and Ryan headed home, as well as Magi.

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Since Katie stuck around, Serena C. chose to confront her. "I'm just super frustrated by time continually being taken away by your antics," Serena C. told Katie. "And the reason why I'm coming to you is because I don't think that you are truly here for Matt."

Katie thought Serena C. had come to her to apologize. "The fact that you're sitting here still trying to attack me is pathetic. Pathetic," she said. "If you have a problem with last night, take it up with Matt."

"How is telling Matt about being a bully and toxicity and mean girls — that doesn't help your relationship at all," Serena C. retorted.

Katie maintained that she didn't want to be a bystander to bullying.

"I'm not going to sit here and let bulls— happen in this house," she told Serena C. "I'm not going to sit here and let mean girls be mean girls in this house. So guess what? I told him, yeah, there's bulls— going on in this house."

"I didn't drop MJ's name. Guess what? I didn't drop Anna's name," she continued. "I let the girls speak for themselves, so don't be mad at me that girls' names were brought up."

Meanwhile, there was more action unfolding across the resort. Heather Martin from Colton Underwood's season of The Bachelor pulled up to the resort in a minivan hoping to speak to Chris. Heather explained to Chris that her best friend, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, thought Matt was "like, the perfect match" for her, so she had to try to meet him.

"I couldn't let him get engaged and not meet him," Heather said.

The franchise's longtime host admitted he "didn't see this one coming," but said he'd run her request up the chain of command and that if approved, Heather would have to quarantine and receive multiple negative COVID-19 tests before meeting Matt. Heather understood and her quarantine began.


Matt spent his first one-on-one date of the week with Pieper at a carnival. They played some games, rode a pendulum ride, spun around on the Gravitron, ate cotton candy and kissed under the carnival lights. Afterwards, Matt and Pieper went to dinner, where the grad student opened up about how her upbringing caused her to be more reserved when it came to expressing her feelings.

"The culture in my family overall is we don't really say love," Pieper said. "We don't communicate love. It's all through actions and that's really hard because I want that, but it's just like, not how we operate as a family. And I wish that that wasn't how I was brought up. It also made me a tougher person. I just know that I need more than just actions, I need the words."

Matt promised, "We can work on that together."

Pieper asked Matt for his patience throughout the process. "I don't want to be afraid of how I feel anymore," she said. "I don't want to be afraid of expressing feelings anymore because I wouldn't want to bring that into our relationship. You know, Matt, I am falling in love with you, and that is the scariest thing in the world to say because I have always seen that as giving up part of myself."

Matt gave Pieper a rose, telling her, "I want you to trust me with your feelings and your heart and I will continue to be open."

He also revealed one more surprise: a private performance from country trio Temecula Road.


Bri, Kit, Rachael, Michelle, Jessenia, Serena P., Abigail, Chelsea and Serena C. embarked on the group date, which kicked off at the bowling alley. The women and Matt enjoyed carefree rounds of bowling and munched on snacks like nachos and chicken tenders. The chill vibe ended when Chris announced that the women would be split into two groups and the winners would get to spend the night with Matt at the afterparty.

The Pink Petals started out strong but the Blue Bombshells closed the margin. Ultimately, the pink team (Chelsea, Jessenia, Michelle and Serena P.) won and earned extra time with Matt. The blue team — Abigail, Bri, Kit, Rachael and Serena C. — did not feel the least bit happy to be missing out on that time, but luckily for them, Matt ended up letting them come to the afterparty despite their loss. And of course, the pink team — particularly Chelsea — was not thrilled to see more women show up.

Serena P. told Matt she was falling for him and they kissed, but he ended up giving the group date rose to Michelle.


Before Matt's one-on-one date with Katie, he received a visit from his best friend, Tyler Cameron from Hannah's season of The Bachelorette. They played pool together and Matt teed up his date with Katie. "She's owned who she is," Matt said. "She is unapologetically herself and that's what I like about her."

Tyler recalled that in his experience, some connections might not form until later in the process. "My relationship on the show was a slower burning one that started really late, like, started catching fire later," Tyler said. "There's maybe some girl that comes out of nowhere where if you start building this different connection, you're like, oh what is that? Stay open and stay into these conversations."

Tyler asked Matt if he could see himself proposing at the end of this process, to which he replied, "I do."

"My boy's all boo'ed up!" Tyler exclaimed.

For his date with Katie, Matt revealed that they'd be messing with Tyler as he got a massage at the spa. "We're going to ruin his day," Matt teased in an on-camera interview.

Katie and Matt communicated with the masseuse (a paid actress) through an earpiece and directed her to twist Tyler's nipples and use a roller on his head. The actress even fangirled over the phone to Katie about massaging Tyler from The Bachelor. ("He's even hotter in person!" she said.) Then Matt and Katie came into the massage room and Matt lathered Tyler with lotion, prompting Tyler to finally realize what was going on.

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"Katie continues to blow me away," Matt told the cameras. "And I want this to work with Katie. She's incredible, but I need to see what the romance side looks like with Katie."

During the evening portion of their date, Matt asked Katie about her past relationships. Katie explained she dated someone for almost three years who she thought would be her husband before realizing she hadn't been acting like herself in that relationship.

Now, "I want to meet someone who's also ready and knows who they are because then there's no changing anybody," Katie said, adding, "I can see this continuing and I really am hopeful that my love story is your love story and I'm here 'til the end if you want me to be."

But Matt wasn't on the same page. "You've been honest with me and I owe the same honesty to you," he told Katie. "And the truth is, my relationship with some of the other women in the house has progressed further along than ours has up until this point, and I can't give you this rose tonight. And that's not a slight at who you are and what our time's been together. I just haven't had those feelings that I need to have for finding a wife in this process."

Katie wished Matt the best of luck and drove off. "I just didn't see that coming at all," she admitted. "I just felt the blood drain from my face."

While one woman departed, another entered. At the cocktail party ahead of the next rose ceremony, Heather made her grand entrance in a white gown. She smiled and waved at one group of women before interrupting Matt's conversation with Pieper.

Matt fell over laughing and asked Pieper for a minute with Heather. "I feel like I'm in a dream right now," he told Heather.

The other women didn't know why Heather showed up, but they certainly weren't pleased.

"If you're going to let a new girl come in or if you're going to give a new girl a rose over some of us that have been here for this long, then you better marry that girl," Chelsea said in an on-camera interview. "Because the rest of us are going to be pissed."

We'll have to wait until next week to see if Matt does in fact ask Heather to stay.

The Bachelor airs Mondays (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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