'The Bachelor' Peter Weber's Body Language With Hannah Ann Sluss vs. Hannah Brown Speaks Volumes

Peter Weber is currently juggling several dozen girlfriends over on The Bachelor, and honestly he has chemistry with all of them. Which makes sense, dude has chemistry with literally everyone. Not even that Emotional Support Cow is safe.

Soooo, how can you tell who Peter’s actually vibing with? By checking out his body language with various contestants, naturally. There’s a huge difference in how Peter acts around, let’s say his ex-girlfriend Hannah Brown and how he acts around Hannah Ann Sluss, and we spoke to body language expert Blanca Cobb to get the tea.

Kelley Flanagan

Reminder: Kelley and Peter met before The Bachelor started, and they clearly had enough chemistry to warrant her coming on the show. Apparently Peter nailed their first impression at that hotel (ahem), because ya see how his feet are hip-distance ^^? That’s a stance that screams confidence. Based on body language alone, Blanca says “I do think that he feels something for Kelley. I’m not talking about love, but he liked her.”

Sounds good, but here’s the catch: there’s a distinct distance between their bodies—at least compared Peter’s interaction with…

Hannah Brown

First of all, see those smiles plastered on Peter and Hannah’s faces? They’re genuine, and a very good sign. But there is some tension at play here. Blanca says Hannah’s hand is balled, which could indicate that she’s nervous to see Peter for the first time since their Bachelorette drama. Meanwhile, Peter is a bit pulled back (to quote Blanca, “he’s happy to see her, but there could be some internal reservation going on”), though he’s still standing way closer to her than he did to other women.

Hannah Ann Sluss

Someone grab Peter’s Emotional Support Cow because Hannah Ann’s body language is so extra I simply can’t deal. Blanca describes this moment as straight-up “sensual”—there’s a “close distance between the two of them” (a good sign for their ‘ship), and Hannah’s both “leaning her chest towards him” and “pushing it out a little bit.” Blanca says this is her “way of getting closer to him, and I believe she’s doing this subconsciously.”

Meanwhile, Peter’s body language indicates that he seems into it, so yeah—love Hannah or hate her, the vibes are real. Not exactly a shock that she got the first impression rose!

Tammy Ly

See all that distance between Peter and Tammy? Not a great sign. And speaking of not great signs, let’s look at Peter’s stance real quick. While his feet are still hip-distance apart—signifying confidence—Blanca says “his toes are angling a little bit to the right and not directly towards her.” In other words, he’s not entirely as confident with Tammy as he was with Kelley.

Victoria Paul

Victoria and Peter seemed to have a connection during their group date (minus her throwing up mid-way through, of course), and their body language was… decent? Peter fully angled his body towards Victoria’s when they met, and Blanca says the bent angle in their arms implies they were willing to get close. Nah, they didn’t have the major vibes Peter had with Hannah Brown and Hannah Ann, but Victoria’s definitely one to watch.

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