'The Bachelorette' Fans Thought Hunter Was Too Short for Katie Thurston

Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette had several leading men who had fans conflicted on who should have ended up with the eligible bachelorette. Fans were constantly torn on whom they thought deserved Thurston, with top contenders being Andrew Spencer, whose chemistry with Thurston seemed to always be through the roof.

Another top contender was Michael Allio, but he self-eliminated to return to his son, whom he felt was alone. The season’s first few episodes depicted Hunter Montgomery as a fairly decent contestant. But when the week five preview rolled around, Montgomery showed a different side that potentially placed him as a season villain.

Although Thurston showed some interest in Montgomery, fans felt something else was off with him, which was his height. Bachelor Nation fans think Montgomery is too short for Thurston, but just how tall is Thurston’s suitor?

Hunter Montgomery is a father of two

Montgomery’s ABC Bachelorette profile states that he’s a father of two children and works as a software strategist in Houston, Texas. As with all the contestants, not much was known about Montgomery until when he opened up in the week 3 episode group date, revealing he was once married.

The Bachelorette star said that his relationship with his first wife went awry, and they began drifting apart. He also confessed that he “failed that marriage” but remained hopeful of his time on the show, saying he was looking for love with Thurston.

In week 5, Montgomery told Thurston that he had “turned a corner” and went ahead to introduce The Bachelorette to his children through pictures. After the episode, Thurston told producers that he could see herself falling for Montgomery, terming the feeling good.

Montgomery is a huge TikTok star and has a significant social media presence on other sites as well. His Instagram is full of pictures of him with his family and friends and he uses his social media stardom to preach about addiction and talk about overcoming the problem.

Montgomery revealed that he celebrated 14 years of sobriety when he met Thurston. After informing her of his addiction and sobriety story, Thurston was very supportive, and her reaction enamored Montgomery.

Fans think Montgomery is too short for Thurston

Things between Montgomery and Thurston seemed to be going well, and he even appeared to be a top contender for the Final Rose. Although he and Thurston have proven that they have chemistry, fans feel his height is a deal-breaker.

According to The Sun, Montgomery is 5’10”, while various sources estimate Thurston falls between 5’4″ and 5’6″. Montgomery’s height is possibly a huge deal for fans who have gotten used to seeing the bachelorette with taller contestants.

When Thurston’s season began, fans took to Twitter to ask about the heights of the contestants. According to Yahoo, one viewer asked, “Okay, is Katie short, or are all of these guys TALL TALL?” Another fan echoed the same sentiments asking, “Are all these men 7′ tall, or is Katie really short?”

Most of the contestants on Thurston’s season are athletes, and their heights range from 6′ onwards which makes Montgomery possibly the shortest in the season.

Montgomery was painted as the season’s villain

Montgomery was a go-getter, and he proved he would stop at nothing to end up with Katie. His aggressiveness didn’t sit right with the other contestants, and soon they confronted him and went to Thurston about his tendency to lie.

Thurston defended Montgomery but ended up vomiting after being so upset. The show came under fire recently after fans realized that showrunners had concealed Montgomery’s Tourette’s diagnosis. Fans called out the show for giving Montgomery an unfair edit while highlighting his tics to make viewers hate him without providing context.

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