The Bays feisty b***h Jenn star admits reason she enjoyed season 4

The Bay: Trailer for season three

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Fans of The Bay were concerned about the future of the ITV drama after DS Lisa Armstrong (played by Morven Christie) left in the final season two episode. It wasn’t too long though before the show was renewed for another outing which welcomed DS Jenn Townsend (Marsha Thomason) as her replacement. This new casting gave The Bay a new lease of life but took some time to get used to for both viewers and Thomason.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Bay.

In 2022, Jenn was welcomed to the Morecambe Police as a newbie, taking over the role of FLO (Family Liaison Officer) from Lisa.

She didn’t gel with all of her team as initially hoped, but season four is going to see a different side to Jenn, according to Thomason.

Opening up to the press, including, she explained: “There was tension between Clarkie and Jenn last series but that’s dissipated.

“We don’t see this on camera but I’m sure she’ll pull him every now and then because he can be uncouth or too hard.”

“But I also think he now respects Jenn so he would take that better than he would have done last series.

“And one of the things I really enjoyed this year is Jenn is a lot more confident at work and in her position and so she challenges Manning a little bit whereas last series she was all [making shy noises], she’s not that anymore.

“She does a couple of things off her own back that she shouldn’t necessarily do which I have, of course, as the feisty b***h that I am, love it.”

Jenn is also going to be reacting differently when it comes to the victims in season four.

In series three, wannabe boxer Saif was murdered, leaving his family, including mum Mariam Rahman (Rina Mahoney) devastated.

This time around, the main person Jenn is going to have to deal with is widower Dean Metcalf (Joe Armstrong).

He is left heartbroken after his wife dies in a house fire but Jenn isn’t taking his situation lightly.

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Thomason said: “Last year with Mariam, it was very softly Jenn’s approach, whereas this year, with Dean, he is just not being honest and he is not present and Jenn is incredibly frustrated.

“So she kind of meets him where he’s at and raises her voice and she’s combating with him which is really interesting to watch.

“It was great to play but watching these two episodes, it’s very different, it’s a very different Jenn we’re seeing with this family from last year.”

The 47-year-old added: “I tell you what I find harder to play, is the always being so sweet, I love getting it out so they were really fun.

“Joe [Armstrong] is a great actor and very enjoyable to work with so we had a really good time with that and I really much enjoyed bringing this other side to Jenn because she isn’t just one thing, like all of us, she’s many things.”

The Bay season four premieres on Wednesday, March 8, at 9pm on ITV.

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