The Blacklist season 9: Fans left in tears after Red’s emotional reunion

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NBC streamers are well into season nine of The Blacklist and all of its unexpected twists and turns, including Liz Keen’s shocking (played by Megan Boone) death. In the most recent episode, Red (James Spader) wanted another way to stay connected to Liz and met up with her young daughter.

Since The Blacklist first premiered in 2013, Red and Liz have remained close friends through their work with the Task Force.

While Red’s true identity remains a mystery, it was his reunion with Liz’s daughter Agnes Keen (Katherine Kell) which left fans emotional.

In the season eight finale, Liz was finally getting to know the truth about her mother before being fatally shot by Elias VanDyke (Lukas Hassel)

Season nine opened with a two-year time jump and the task force completely disbanded, but after Harold Cooper (Harry Lennix) got everyone back together, things finally began to fall into place.

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During the most recent episode, it was revealed Agnes had been staying with Cooper during the two years following Liz’s death.

Each member of the crew was in different parts of the world doing different things, without much communication with each other – so this wasn’t a known thing.

When Red discovered Agnes was with Cooper the two met up for coffee, where Red told him he wanted to be in her life.

Due to the uncertainty surrounding Red’s identity, Liz had always been overprotective of Agnes, however, those walls came down in season nine when she asked him to help her train Agnes for the future.

At the time this was a huge gesture of trust for Red because Agnes had been the victim of a kidnapping and had lost her father as a child.

After a conversation with his wife Charlene (Valarie Pettiford), Cooper phoned Red and told him he was able to secure supervised visits for them.

However, it wasn’t until the end of the episode did the two reunite, although Cooper introduced him as Liz’s friend, Agnes remembered him and called him by the nickname she’d given him as a child, “Pinky.”

Viewers took to Twitter to share their emotions about the scene, with many of them in tears because she remembered him.

One fan tweeted: “AGNES REMEMBERS RED,” with a crying face emoji.

“I’m glad Reddington got a chance to talk with Agnes,” wrote Wendell.

Iamyourplusone shared: “My cold dead #TheBlacklist heart just grew three sizes watching Red and Agnes. I will gladly show up every episode to catch a glimpse of this dynamic duo.”

“Omg Red is so nervous to see this girl I’m crying,” tweeted another viewer.

Red continued to care for Agnes wholeheartedly, even when things weren’t great between him and Liz.

However, it is yet to be seen if she associates Red with her mother’s death because the last time she saw him was right before the fatal shooting.

Fans will have to keep watching to see if their bond and connection will grow stronger throughout the series.

Perhaps, a potential DNA test with Agnes could reveal Red’s identity and prove whether or not he is Katarina.

The Blacklist season nine continues Thursdays on NBC.

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