The Blacklists James Spader to make TV return

The Blacklist: Trailer teases final season

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The hit crime thriller television series The Blacklist, which first debuted on NBC in September of 2013, is back for its final season with James Spader. But to fans’ delight, the actor will be on their screens sooner than they think after NBC confirmed he will appear on the late-night talk show with Jimmy Fallon. 

James Spader is known for being a private actor, as unlike most actors, he rarely does any interviews.

The star is not active on social media, so fans’ only opportunity to see him is on the hit series The Blacklist or in one of the many films he’s featured in. 

But the actor is showing his face this Thursday after NBC announced he will be the leading interview guest when he returns to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 

The actor last sat down for a chat with host Jimmy in February last year to talk about the upcoming episodes of The Blacklist, season nine.

While it’s expected a number of topics will be covered, it’s believed fans can anticipate the same theme of discussion for Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show.

Especially after NBC is bidding farewell to Raymond Reddington, who Spader plays in The Blacklist. 

NBC recently announced the upcoming 10th season of their hit drama series will be the last.

The network released a short trailer on Wednesday, announcing the final season will premiere on NBC at the end of this month

In the released first-look at the upcoming season features throwback footage from throughout the show’s run along with a tease at what’s to come.

The trailer opens with one of the show’s first scenes, which could see Raymond “Red” Reddington surrendering at an FBI facility.

Spader can be heard saying: “When all this began, I was such a different person. It’s quite a story.” 

Another part features the death of former series regular Megan Boone, who plays Elizabeth Keen in the season eight finale.

The official description released by NBC for the final season reveals that Red, “confronts unparalleled danger”. 

It continues: “With Reddington’s covert role as an FBI informant facing exposure, former Blacklisters will unite against him in their lethal desire for revenge – testing Red and the FBI Task Force as never before.”

Lisa Katz who is the President of Scripted Content at  NBC said: “It isn’t often that a series resonates so deeply with an audience that it airs for 10 seasons, but ‘The Blacklist’ proved to be a perfect combination.”

Jason Clodfelter, Co-President, Sony Pictures added: “We thank our wonderful partners at NBC for a remarkable 10 seasons of ‘The Blacklist,’ the series that introduced the world to Raymond Reddington, brilliantly portrayed by James Spader.”

Although the exact date of the series finale remains to be announced, fans know the premiere is coming February 26, 2023.

New episodes will then continue every Sunday at 10pm on NBC for the foreseeable future. 

The Blacklist star will also be appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, February 16.

The Blacklist will return to NBC on Sunday, February 26

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