The changing face of Megan Barton Hanson – plastic surgery timeline of the 2018 Love Island star

MEGAN Barton Hanson instantly made a name for herself on ITV2’s Love Island in 2018, and it now about to star in Celebs Go Dating.

And though Megan has never denied having gone under the knife, her face has drastically changed over the year – but just how much surgery has she had done? We take a look at her ever-changing appearance…

Following her time on Love Island, it wasn’t long before fans would dig up photos of the reality star before gaining nationwide fame, and the change is quite drastic.

A former pal had revealed to Hello that Megan made her first visit to a plastic surgeon at just 14.

Megan, however, claims that she didn’t have her first procedure until she was 17.

The Essex bombshell had apparently stressed that she wanted to have her ears pinned back, having grown tired of the bullying she faced while at school.

But it seemed that after having undergone the procedure, Megan found plenty of other things about her face and body that she wanted to change, and she didn’t waste time in doing just that.

On top of the heavy amount of hair extensions and fake tan, the former Love Island star opted to have rhinoplasty right before she approached her 20th birthday.

But that wasn’t all she requested from her surgeon.

Megan also had her lips injected with filler and completed her final procedure with a breast augmentation, allowing her to enter the new year with an entirely new look.

Dr. Munir Somji of D. MediSpa gave his view on Megan's face and how much it has changed – particularly after appearing in Love Island.

Now that she’s been bombarded with endorsement deals and paid appearances, the TV personality wouldn’t have any problem getting surgery for whatever else she wanted changed about herself.

Somji revealed: "She definitely appears to have had a rhinoplasty, as the tip of her nose used to drop when she smiled.”

“It looks like she's had a tip lift as well. A rhinoplasty costs between £5-10k in the UK and you would need a good surgeon for this procedure."

He further adds how Megan’s lips have definitely become plumper in recent photos. And according to his prices, this particular procedure isn’t cheap at all.

"It depends on where you go, but this cosmetic procedure costs between £1000 and £1,500. It's not a quick treatment though; she will have had this done slowly over time."

But despite all the procedures she's undergone, Megan says she never considered herself to be ugly.

After a series of unflattering photos of the reality star had surfaced on social media, Megan was quick to defend the images, saying she didn’t “look in the mirror and think I was hideous".

During her appearance on the Victoria Derbyshire show in April, 2019, Megan continued: "I had procedures done solely for me and my first was at 17, I had my ears pinned back. Then at 19 I had a boob job and rhinoplasty. It was all for me…

"Then when I was on TV, everyone were like "this is her before, this is her after. She's so fake!"

And despite telling fans that she didn’t feel insecure about the way that she looked, Megan would go on to tell Victoria that she “needed to work on myself” because going under the knife “didn’t fix all of my problems”.

Time will tell if Meghan opens up more about her changing looks when she appears on Celebs Go Dating later this year.

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