The Chase: Bradley Walsh speechless as contestant makes historic error ‘That’s awful!’

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Bradley Walsh, 60, was on hand to welcome another four players to The Chase studios, with the Sinnerman star Paul Sinha, 50, lined up to take on the amateur quizzers. As the latest instalment of the ITV afternoon programme got underway, it seemed two of the contestants had a good chance to walk away with a share of the jackpot prize. However, one of their teammates left the host completely speechless when they ended up making history with the amount they secured before taking on the Chaser.

Contestant Hope seemed full of flare as the host got to know her a little better, with contestants Ben and Clive hoping she could add to their £10,000 winnings.

As Bradley asked the player her cash-builder questions, it seemed she was struggling as the seconds ticked by with nothing accumulating in the bank.

By the time the clock stopped, the quizzing amateur had nothing to contribute to the cash total and silence fell in the studio.

With the presenter lost for words, all viewers and the rest of her team could hear was Hope declaring: “That’s awful.”

Only very few contestants have ever managed to achieve such a feat, making this moment one for the history books.


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“My mind just went blank,” Hope explained, with Bradley admitting he knew what had gone wrong for the contestant.

“I can tell. It’s a totally different ball game when we get to the table,” he continued, telling the player they need to “get her through.”

After he took his seat, Paul also said it was clear the amateur quizzer had “fluffed” her lines, before going on to reveal his offers.

The Sinnerman put on the table a lower amount of -£2,000 and topped off the deal by giving her the chance to play for £50,000.

Hope, you are a legend

Bradley Walsh

Following some advice from her teammates, Hope decided to go against them and play for the highest offer on the table.

The studio was left in shock, with Bradley telling the very brave contestant: “Hope, you are a legend.”

“At least I’ll be remembered for trying,” she admitted as the Sinnerman looked on valiantly at his opponent.

Those watching at home were in complete admiration of the contestant’s enthusiasm, as one wrote on Twitter: “Come on Hope, this could be a great fight back!! #TheChase.”

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Another added: “A lot of respect when they do that!! #thechase,” whilst a third commented: “She had a right mare #TheChase.”

“Fair play to Hope. Zero in the cash builder so would have been easy to go low but went high! Hope she gets back now! #TheChase,” a third remarked.

Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, it was a question about which satellite channel launched in 2007 which threw her off.

Both the host and the Sinnerman commended Hope’s efforts before she made her exit and the Final Chase got underway.


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With just Ben and Clive left to fight it out with Paul, the duo were hoping they could do enough to still walk away with the £10,000 jackpot.

Just like their fellow teammates, their game was fruitless as the Chaser managed to defeat them with just under a minute to spare.

As the remaining contestants looked glum over the result, the quizzing master was still complimentary of his opponents.

Paul explained although the Chasers do have bad days, he was on his A-game this afternoon but told them both they were “very good.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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