The Chase turns tense as Governess fumes 'I'm angry now' after being savagely taunted by cheeky contestant

THE Chase turned tense tonight after a cheeky contestant taunted Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty.

Andrea pulled a face at the super-smart Chaser and told her how delighted she was to "see you lose something".

It came after the player got the upper hand on the question: "Which Loose Women played Mrs Slocombe in a 2016 remake of the sitcom Are You Being Served?"

Andrea went for the correct answer of Sherrie Hewson – though admitted it was a total guess as she hadn't seen it.

Meanwhile Anne wrongly chose Linda Robson – earning herself a fail.

Ungracious in victory, the contestant pulled a face at The Governess, taunting her by saying: "Ner ner ner ner ner."

She added: "I really didn't want you to come out through those doors so to see you lose something and me know something, that's amazing. Pat on my back for sure."

Staring down from her position in the Chasers' seat, Anne replied curtly: "I'm angry now."

Andrea replied: "That's how I like you – thank you."

However, it was Anne who had the last laugh with the contestant eliminated and told: "For you The Chase is over."

Speaking to The Sun last week Anne explained she would like to appear on the BBC's Mastermind but has been banned by her ITV bosses.

She said: “I wouldn’t mind doing Mastermind again, I got asked to do Celebrity Mastermind a few years ago and The Chase producers said 'no you can’t'.”

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