The Chases Bradley Walsh warns player Ill be looking out for you on ITV show

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    Bradley Walsh warned one unlucky contestant “I’m watching you” during a heated episode of The Chase after discovering his weekend hobby.

    During Thursday’s visit to the ITV studios (February 2), the loveable game show host welcomed four new quizzers onto the show looking to put their general knowledge to the test.

    As fans tuned in for the primetime show the former Coronation Street star introduced quizzers Kelly, Nathan, Ged and Hannah onto the show as they took on Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha.

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    But things soon took a turn for the worse after Nathan stepped up to the podium and shared his favourite hobby with the host on the show.

    The junior doctor admitted: “I really enjoy cycling, that’s sort of my main thing. I am one of those middle-aged men in Lycra.”

    It was at this point that Bradders quickly asked: “On Sunday, you don’t go around Epping, do you?” to which Nathan insisted: “I do not, it’s not me!”

    Unsatisfied with his answer, the 62-year-old host continued to interrogate the contestant, asking: “What colour kit do you wear?” to which he replied: “Normally blue or black.”

    It was at this point that the dad-of-two warned: “I'll be looking out for you, don’t you worry about that, mate.”

    Luckily, the Larkins star failed to shake the medical professional after he successfully brought back an impressive £6,000 back to the joint jackpot.

    After an impressive round, The Chaser Paul couldn't help but poke fun at the star's frustration with cyclists on the roads.

    He joked: "There's a meme that goes around of Grandpa Simpson looking very angry at the wold called old man shakes fist at cloud.

    "It's about older men who don’t really know about things going on in the modern world.

    "That meme’s almost dedicated to you. The idea that anybody should seek exercise on the weekend is just ridiculous."

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    Bradley agreed: "It is made for me, but I don’t have a problem with that.

    "I just think there should be a little basket on the front with a dog in it and a bell, not swerving out of the way of potholes making us motorists swerve – that's bang out of order."

    He joked: "When you're sitting in the back seat, your tea goes everywhere."


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