The Chase’s Shaun Wallace red-faced as Bradley calls him out over wrong answer

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The Chase star Shaun Wallace was left looking a little embarrassed during Saturday's show when host Bradley Walsh confronted him over a wrong answer.

Shaun is a trained barrister, working as a Chaser as a side hustle thanks to his incredible knack for quizzing.

With over 35 years experience, the "Dark Destroyer" is a senior criminal defence advocate and is an Honorary Doctor of Laws, meaning his legal knowledge is extraordinary.

And so, when a question about the German legal system popped up during a head-to-head with contestant Steve, Bradley was convinced Shaun would get it right.

As soon as the question appeared on the screen, he decided to warn Steve and exclaimed: "Don't forget, he's a barrister!"

The question read: "In 2015, a court ruled that Germans had a right to do what to the general police force?"

Three possible answers were listed below – take their food, insult them, or tickle them.

Steve got lucky and plumped for the correct answer, which was B, "insult them," but Shaun elected for an incorrect answer of A, "take their food".

Realising his mistake, after Shaun chose the wrong answer, he hung his head in embarrassment when Bradley called him out.

Brad shouted: "Oh hang on! Were you not in court that day?"

The Chaser didn't reply, but simply smiled weakly at Brad and Steve and tried to prevent him from making it through to the finale with the remaining questions.

However, Shaun's incorrect guess meant Steve eventually sailed through to the finale, with the Chaser congratulating him on his performance.

Pleased to see Steve win, Bradley gestured to the Chaser and remarked: "Guess who will be furious?"

Shaun was a graceful loser, praising Steve's win and saying: "You deserved that."

In the finale, with £12,000 in the prize pot, the remaining contestants Steve and Claire went up against the Chaser with 16 correct answers between them.

Their general knowledge proved insufficient, as Shaun trumped them with seconds to spare, wiping their prize pot clean.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, one viewer cheered Shaun's performance, remarking: "Redeemed himself!"

"And that was that," added a second.

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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