The Crown viewers in disbelief as Edward uses expletive to describe Charles

The Crown may be known for its coldness during some scenes but nothing could prepare viewers for season four, which dropped on Netflix over the weekend.

Since the season was released onto the streaming platform, viewers have binge-watched all ten episodes, leaving no stone unturned in their detailed critiques.

However, what viewers were not expecting was to hear the arguably most taboo swear-word in the English language being dropped mid-conversation in the royal drama.

During episode eight, brothers Prince Charles (Josh O'Connor) and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex (Angus Imrie) are seen arguing after Charles rants about his position within the Windsor Dynasty.

The scene is set on the day of Prince Andrew's wedding to Sarah, Duchess of York, and Charles rants about being more important than his two younger brothers.

Frustrated by the Prince of Wales' comments, a young Prince Edward vents that it was "impressively c***ty".

The word hadn't yet been heard in the historical drama which follows the life of Her Majesty The Queen and the Royal Family.

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After hearing it, viewers flocked to social media to air their views about the scene, stunned that the C-word had been used.

"Prince Edward called Charles a c**t… sis I…. #TheCrown," alongside a gif of a shocked woman, penned one user.

While a second added: "Absolutely LIVING for the ep in #TheCrown in which Prince Edward says 'impressively c***y'."

"Best line of #TheCrown season 4 so far is Prince Edward's 'that was impressively c***y'," said a third.

A fourth exclaimed: "No way did Prince Edward drop the C bomb #TheCrown."

Season four of The Crown sees the Mountbatten-Windsor torn apart after the assassination of Prince Philip's uncle, Lord Mountbatten.

Talking about the powerful episode, Mountbatten's granddaughter India Hicks exclusively told us: "The Crown, I know the first two episodes, maybe the first three – focus on the murder of my grandfather, by the IRA."

She continued: "It's very strange when you have to share thoughts all this time later, then I was 11 when my grandfather was murdered."

With the eyes of the world now focusing on India's family, the philanthropist said: "It's weird when you think the whole world is going to share and relive what happened to us as a family.

"But then you reconcile yourself to the fact that this was history, my grandfather's murder was part of history. It was a political assassination and there were very complicated reasons all around it."

India partnered with disaster relief agency Global Empowerment Mission and provided support on the ground in The Bahamas, where she lives shortly after Hurricane Dorian in August 2019.

The author continues her work for the organisation as well as the Harbour Island Foodbank who provide food for those who lose their jobs following the shut down in The Bahamas.

The Crown is available to stream on Netflix, now.

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