The Dog House fans in tears as adopted boy falls for furry sister

The Dog House: Couple discuss how they adopted their nephew

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Jack Russell Rosie was brought to The Dog House following her unrequited love for her two cat siblings. The Channel 4 series explained how she was desperate to play with them but her feelings were not reciprocated. Thankfully, adopted youngster Mitchell proved to be the perfect playmate.

Wendy, Gwyneth and nephew Mitchell were on the hunt for an active dog to play with Mitchell.

He said he had always wanted a brother but felt a dog would be a perfect alternative.

Viewers learned how Mitchell’s parents were both unwell, so his aunties adopted him five years ago.

Mitchell explained he wanted a Jack Russell as they were “fast” dogs and his aunties confirmed “Mitchell has got a lot of energy”.

He was keen to be active so getting another dog would allow him to burn off some energy.

Thankfully, one-year-old Rosie needed a home where she could show her natural behaviour and Mitchell was delighted.

His aunts explained after taking him on: “It is totally different now, totally brilliant.

“You have to know a lot about pop culture and superheroes. We knew it would be life-changing.

“This little person relies entirely on you for pretty much everything.

“It is quite confusing for him to live with an aunt and her partner.

“He has had to deal with a lot of loss in his life and he feels there’s something missing.”

They felt it would be very special for him to feel like he has companionship.

Mitchell gushed over Rosie as she immediately ran over to him in the meeting pen.

He declared: “We are definitely getting this dog” as the pair ran around together.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the heartwarming moment.


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Gaz said: “These incredible aunties stepping up and adopting their nephew bless him.”

Sarah Milton said: “Looks like Rosie isn’t just getting a home, but a brother too.

“Just feel this is going to have a happy ending. Going to end in tears though- Mine !#thedoghouse”

Stan Harris said: “Rosie, Mitchell and his Mums. Giving me leaky peepers.”

Dee added: “I can’t cope with Mitchell and his aunties [crying emoji] hopefully Rosie is the one!”

Lauren added: “Adopted kids adopting doggos is always special. So glad Mitchell has his aunts (hope that ameliorated some parental trauma for him that kids adopted by strangers may get) and glad for them he’ll hopefully get a pupper to burn some of that energy and intellect #TheDogHouse.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Hurricane the Huskey attended Wood Green with owners Shaun and Leah.

After they bought him during lockdown, he spent a lot of time alone and needed a companion.

His owners explained how he came out of his shell when he was eventually allowed near other dogs.

He was matched with seven-month-old Lurcher, Peaches and they were all over each other in the meeting pen.

The play was quite rough at first and sadly it was not meant to be.

The Dog House airs on Thursdays at 8pm on Channel 4.

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