The Dog House star issues plea about Bella waiting 18 months for home

The Dog House: Owner emotional as she leaves pet pooch

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Woodgreen Pets Charity is where the heartwarming Channel 4 programme The Dog House is filmed. The charity, based in Cambridgeshire, takes in and rehomes hundreds of dogs every year but some have to wait longer to move in with their new families than others. Team member Helen Prestage has shared how she has a soft spot for a sighthound called Bella who “gets a lot of interest but it never goes any further”. 

Helen, who has worked at the charity for more than a decade, helps rehome dogs with the ideal new owners. 

While she admitted the team is not meant to have favourites, she opened up to about one dog that “stands out”. 

The dog is a seven-year-old lurcher named Bella who has not had any luck with the rehoming process yet. 

She’s been at the trust since April 2021 and Helen hopes someone will give her a chance soon. 

Helen explained exclusively to The official statement is, ‘We don’t have favourites, we love all dogs.’ 

“But we do have favourites which we’d want to take home if we could or dogs which are on our minds a bit more than others.”

“I’m a bit of a sucker for a sighthound,” she shared. “They are really misunderstood still as people think they need a lot of exercise but they are the most easy-going, chilled dogs.”

Helen believes Bella, who is white with brown patches, would make a wonderful companion for the right person. 

“I have been through her assessment to have a rehoming chat, she’s about seven and she’s been here a year and a half,” she added. 

“Most of that time she’s been in a foster home. 

“She needs quite a specific home but in the right environment, she’s really manageable. 

“And she’s a dream in the home, she’s so easy when she knows you and she trusts you. 

“She gets a lot of interest but it never goes any further and it’s such a shame. 

“If we find the right owners who are willing to give her a chance, she will make a fantastic companion as she has done for her foster parents.” 

Bella is fully toilet trained and can be left for a short period once she’s fully settled into a new home. 

Her new family can gradually work on building this time up further once she’s settled. 

Another dog which has been at the trust for more than a year is Twiggie the one-year-old crossbreed. 

She was taken on by the charity in October last year and is black with white paws. 

A statement from Woodgreen said: “Twiggie will be extremely rewarding for new owners who are interested in a training project, watching her grow and progress.”

The new series of The Dog House will land on Channel 4 next year on a date yet to be announced. 

The Dog House at Christmas airs on Channel 4 at 8pm on Wednesday. 

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