The Grand Tour: Richard Hammond crashes into crew member in new special

The Grand Tour: Official trailer for Carnage A Trois

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James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson took the wheels of three French hatchbacks in one of their most thrilling races yet in the new episode of The Grand Tour. Carnage A Trois certainly lived up to the name, and Richard even had a close encounter with a member of the crew during their latest Amazon Prime Video special.

Richard’s Peugeot 205 GTi 1.6 was careened off the track by the script editor during the epic gauntlet.

To pay tribute to motorsports’ French origins, the former Top Gear hosts faced off against three other drivers in some of the best four-wheelers the country has to offer.

Jeremy got behind the wheel of another Peugeot, the 306 GTi 6, whilst James tried his hand at the RenaultSport Clio 172 Cup.

They challenged their script editor, in-house driver Abbie Eaton and their French production assistant to the race.

Unfortunately, being a France-inspired race, the drivers couldn’t get started until they took a long lunch break and guzzled some red wine.

With their stomachs full, they set off again, and carnage quickly ensued.

The closest call of the race occurred when Richard barrelled into The Grand Tour’s script editor.

At a crucial stage of the race, Jeremy kicks his Peugeot’s impressive engine up a notch to overtake his co-hosts.

He predicted: “Richard Hammond will now be moaning about a lack of horsepower!”

Over in the Peugeot 205, Jeremy’s competitor had to admit he could have chosen better.

He confessed: “I am down on power, I only have 104 brake horsepower.”

Richard then received a shock as another one of his rivals nudged his vehicle off-course.

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The Peugeot spun around nearly a full 360 degrees, and Richard was left in the dust.

“Porter completely killed me!” Richard exclaimed.

“That was a very French move from the scriptwriter there.”

Thankfully, Richard was soon able to get back on track and the race quickly recommenced.

James was just as stunned when assistant Marguerite managed to overtake his Renault.

“I should point out that Marguerite’s never really done this before,” he explained.

He then joked: “So she is a natural French lunatic.”

Marguerite went on to make a fatal error at the next corner, however, and James swiftly retook his position in the race.

To see the outcome of the 20-lap challenge, head to Prime Video to see James, Richard and Jeremy’s latest diesel-fuelled adventure.

The Grand Tour: Carnage A Trois is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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