The Handmaid’s Tale’s Aunt Lydia actress hints she’ll face death in Gilead after June’s child smuggling plot – The Sun

THE Handmaid's Tale might lose its most complicated villain as Aunt Lydia might face severe punishment or even death for her role in the children's escape.

Season three of the grim drama based on Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name saw June, played by Elisabeth Moss, help a group of children escape Gilead's oppressive regime.

Actress Ann Dowd, 64, plays the callous Aunty Lydia on the series and she told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on

This Morning today, that it will be her who will pay the price for the daring escape.

Speaking to the pair on Monday, Dowd said: "The Commanders cannot wait to place blame on anyone but themselves, and Lydia of course is front and centre to receive that blame.

"And I'm sure she blames herself. How could she have missed this? She had all the signs, 'The girls were acting strangely, I knew that June was up to something, and yet I did not act'. So yes, I think she's got a lot to prove."

Dowd also admitted that even though she has punished her severeley in the past, Aunty Lydia does feel some love for June.

She said: "There is love there, I believe. June is a fascinating human being to Lydia. [June] has tremendous strength, she drives Lydia to the point of wanting to slap her silly for her nonsense and her rudeness, and the fact that she pulled that off is extraordinary.

"That's on one side of it for Lydia, and that's the side she will keep very quiet.

"I think what she wants, if I were to guess because truly I don't know, is to get June back into her charge."

Dowd's chat on This Morning comes just days after the season four trailer for The Handmaid's tale was released and shows June and her 'squad' go to war with Gilead.

Production on season four had just got underway when it was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, but the show had enough footage to put together a tense first look trailer to whet fans' appetites.

As a wounded June is carried away by her fellow Handmaid's, she says in a voiceover: "I can't rest, my daughter deserves better, we all deserve better.

"Change never comes easy. This war isn't going to win itself."

The trailer also gives a hint of Aunt Lydia's fate, after seeing her with a battered and bloodied face.

She declares of June: "She is out there planning who knows what kind of atrocities, to visit upon our righteous nation.

"I never allowed myself to see her for what she clearly is. beyond redemption."

As the tension ramps up in the trailer and June is seen brandishing a gun, Commander Lawrence's voice is heard saying: "What happens in the next few weeks will determine the future of this country."


The trailer ends with June declaring, "we're just getting started" and comes just days after Hulu confirmed the season four premiere has been pushed back to next year because of the coronavirus delaying filming.

Dowd also opened up about what she thought of Aunt Lydia's role in Gilead in Atwood's follow-up book to The Handmaid's Tale.

The Testaments came out last year and is set 15 years after The Hanmaid's Tale, which includes (spoiler alert), Aunty Lydia's role in bringing down Gilead.

"It is 15 years into the future after Handmaid's Tale. However, I have always been interested in when does Lydia shift her thinking about Gilead and what should really happen," she said.


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