The Never-Ending Seinfeld AI Shows Signs of Becoming Self Aware: Why Are We Here?

That unending “Seinfeld” AI show is starting to seem more like “Westworld.”

“Nothing, Forever” currently streams on Twitch in a 24-7 loop. In one-minute doses, the show uses AI tools like GPT-3 and Dall-E, all trained on classic ’90s sitcom scripts to generate miniature scenes of four different characters, each modeled loosely off the look and feel of “Seinfeld” in pixely, blocky colors.

They are, of course, chatting about the minutiae of life and it is punctuated with awkwardly timed canned laugh tracks. It also includes clips of the artificial Jerry character standing in front of a brick wall doing stand-up, as well as establishing shots of Jerry’s New York apartment.

And then, this.

“Did you ever stop and think this might be one big cosmic joke?” asks AI Elaine.

“Well, I don’t think it’s all necessarily, all, y’know…” AI George trails off.

“I know,” says AI Elaine, a trace of resignation in her robotic tone. “I just mean, like, why are we here?

“To tell jokes, obviously,” George replies.

AI Elaine presses on. “I mean, why are we here together?” She sits on the couch; no one faces each other.

“Maybe fate put us in the same place together for a reason? asks AI Jerry, scratching his pixeled bouffant in thought. Laugh track stings, and swells, and then swells again.

There are now multiple clips of AI Jerry, AI George, AI Elaine, and AI Kramer discussing existential questions and challenging the notion of who they are and their purpose. (Jerry: “But I don’t wanna be an AI!”).

The characters describe being stuck in a “Groundhog Day” never-ending loop; in a mind-bending, fourth-wall breaking moment, they discuss creating their own TV show and putting it online. AI “Seinfeld” has officially shifted from weird to straight-up unnerving.

That could be (and probably is) a reflection of the people watching the show as much as the AI design itself. Dialogue for “Nothing, Forever” is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model, with dialogue and scene direction generated through the AI platform. However, the show can also change based on Twitch users’ feedback through the stream chat.

Launched December 14, the livestream now has over 114,000 subscribers and over 10,000 people watching at a time. “Nothing, Forever” is the creation of Mismatch Media, which believes that AI tools like this will pave the way toward creating experimental TV shows and forms of media. We have been warned.

Check out the live feed via Twitch here.

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