The Office US boss reveals reunion is more likely than ever as sitcom makes deal with major streamer

THE Office US reunion is much "more likely" to go ahead since the series switched to broadcaster Peacock, its creator has teased.

Show boss Greg Daniels has also insisted the American audience is "more open" to a reboot now more than ever.

The American version of Ricky Gervais' The Office sitcom ran for nine seasons from 2005 until 2013.

It starred Steve Carrell as the manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company based in Pennsylvania.

Cast members including Steve, as well as John Krasinski then reunited for a special podcast series called An Oral History of the Office.

Though it appears a full-on reunion may well be in store eight years on, after The Office US's move to the streaming service.

Opening up on the next chapter for the show, Greg said: "I think it's probably more likely now that the show is on Peacock, but no plans right now.

"But people are more open to it now it seems like."

Talking about how potential plotlines could play out, after Leslie David Baker teased plans for a new Stanley Hudson spin-off Uncle Stan, he added; "I think the issue is what is left to say about the characters.

"There's been talk of maybe a Friends-style reunion kind of thing. I don't know, it's still pretty vague.

"The weird thing about that is when we ended it, we jumped forward a year and a lot of them aren't working there anymore. Jim and Pam live in Texas now and so does Darryl.

"But it would be fun to go find some lost episodes and shoot them as if they were back in 2010 or something."

It appears Greg has done somewhat of a U-Turn on his viewpoint, after previously ruling out a cast reunion and branding a potential reboot as "weird and difficult."

In the previous interview, he told Digital Spy: "I don't think it would be great to redo it again with 60% of the cast or something. I think that would be a bit weird."

Actor Brian Baumgartner has since teased a potential secret spin-off plotline for his character, Kevin Malone.

He revealed to "There was a whole storyline… Greg Daniels [writer], what he wrote for the finale could have been four hours of television."

Meanwhile, fans have been desperate to see the cast reunite ever since the show ended, and in a new interview, lead actor Steve, 57, hinted he would be open to the idea.

Steve replied to Entertainment Weekly: "I would work with Greg at any time. I trust him implicitly, so I’d definitely do another show."

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