‘The Pioneer Woman’: Answers to Your Burning Questions About Ree Drummond

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is a favorite among Food Network viewers. Here are answers to a few questions you might have about The Accidental Country Girl.

Why does Ree Drummond love butter?

When you think of butter, you might not think of it as bringing joy, but that’s what it does for Drummond. Butter fills her with so many positive emotions that she just had to write about it in her Pioneer Woman blog:

I love butter. This is a fact that is well established, well known, well proven, and well demonstrated. My fridge is filled with not sticks of butter, but pounds. As an ingredient, I believe in butter. Butter is a church of which I am a member. If butter ran for president, I would vote for it. It adds color, flavor, beauty, and joy to absolutely everything I cook.

Why does Ree Drummond love bassett hounds?

In the fall 2019 issue of The Pioneer Woman magazine, Drummond explains why she enjoys having these cute dogs. For Drummond, it’s more than just their adorable faces. These dogs remind the Food Network cook of her childhood. Here’s what she told a reader in her Q and A:

My first dog, when I was 3 years old, was a basset hound. And a basset hound was the first dog Ladd and I got as a married couple. I’ve loved Basset hounds all my life! Their excess skin, floppy ears, droopy eyes and hilarious personalities keep me entertained and make my heart leap.

What’s the meaning behind Ree Drummond’s silver bracelet?

Drummond revealed on her Facebook page that her silver bracelet has a special meaning. It is engraved with the first line of the Prayer of St. Francis. During a virtual Q and A to promote her latest book, Frontier Follies, Drummond spoke about the bracelet, reports The Pioneer Woman website.

“I never take this off, and it’s a bangle that says, ‘Lord make me an instrument of thy peace,’” says Drummond during her question-and-answer session. “It’s the first line of the Prayer of St. Francis. I’ve worn it for probably 10 to 12 years, but it always reminds me that making peace is never a bad idea. So, no matter what’s going on, if I get little glimpses of it throughout the day, it’s a good reminder.”

When is Alex Drummond getting married?

Drummond says her daughter, Alex, plans to marry Mauricio Scott on May 1, 2021. As for the venue, the bride-to-be decided to get married on the ranch after considering hotels in Oklahoma, reports The Pioneer Woman website.

During a Q and A on The Pioneer Woman Instagram page, Alex said she was initially hesitant about the location because the ranch is in “the middle of nowhere.” However, she changed her mind after her father, Ladd Drummond, suggested it.

What does Ree Drummond have planned next?

Drummond recently launched a clothing line in partnership with Walmart. Fans have been asking her about starting one for years. Now, you can finally purchase shirts like Drummond’s. You can also purchase tops similar to hers from The Pioneer Woman Mercantile gift shop. Drummond also announced that her quilts are back at Walmart.

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