‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond’s Favorite Exercises

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond enjoys whipping up a good meal. She’s known for her delicious comfort food. The Food Network cook also likes to work up a sweat now and then. Here’s what she said about her favorite ways to stay in shape.

Ree Drummond reveals she struggled to lose weight

Drummond has been open and honest with her fans about her weight-loss journey. She shared some details about her experience on The Pioneer Woman blog. One way Drummond tried to lose weight was to drink Slim Fast. She says there was a time when she drank the shake for breakfast and dinner every day.

She tells her blog readers that she would make up for drinking liquid for two meals a day by eating a large lunch. She described this method as “eating myself silly.” She did experience some success with a semi-liquid diet. “I have lost seven pounds by drinking a Slim Fast shake for breakfast and dinner every day, and by eating myself silly at lunch,” she wrote.

Ree Drummond’s favorite exercises

In her book Frontier Follies, Drummond lists five exercises she likes to do. At the top of her list is Pilates. She says she feels relaxed and strong when she does Pilates. The Accidental Country Girl emphasizes she feels like this when she actually finds the time to do the exercises.

The next favorite form of exercise Drummond lists is the rowing machine. She says she enjoys sitting down when she exercises. We’re with her on that one! What’s even funnier is that Drummond says she pretends she’s sitting in Rob Lowe’s boat in the movie Oxford Blues.

Drummond says she also enjoys walking with her dogs. She passes the time by listening to crime podcasts. The Pioneer Woman star jokes that she scares herself to the point where she has to call her husband, Ladd, so he will come by and pick her up.

Jane Fonda workouts also appeal to Drummond. She prefers the original 1982 workout tapes. Not surprisingly, Drummond lists ballet as another favorite form of exercise. She says she used to take ballet when she was younger. She says she pretends that she’s in a performance of The Nutcracker and all of her former boyfriends are sitting in the audience.

Ree Drummond ate a low-carb diet to lose weight

Drummond revealed she lost weight after eating a low-carb diet. In 2018, she posted a message on Facebook sharing the secret to her success. Here’s the caption she shared on her social media page:

Here’s the straight skinny: I am a regular gal who loves food and whose jeans periodically get too tight. Right now, I am losing weight and my jeans are fitting better, but it’s because I am eating fewer carbs and walking/sweating with my dogs every night.

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