The Walking Dead answers major question about zombie virus with 'Type A and B' test subjects in World Beyond

THE Walking Dead: World Beyond has provided groundbreaking new information about the nature of the zombie virus that brought about the apocalypse.

Fans will remember that when Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) saved Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) by calling in a helicopter, she told his rescuers:  "I have a B, not an A. I never had an A. He’s hurt, but he’s strong."

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This sparked many questions about what these two categories could mean.

Well, in the post-credits scene for episode 4 of World Beyond, titled The Wrong End of a Telescope, we finally got some answers.

It turns out the Civil Republic are running an array of experiments on the undead, headed up by scientist Leyla (Emily Kinney).

"Test subject displays no detectable response to psychological stimuli," she explains as she records test results.

"Necrotic plasma and brain fluid are being drawn for further testing."

The results are then compared to other tests, taken during and immediately afterreanimation, along with an array of "climate variation" readings gauging how zombies are affected by their environments.

Lyla is in possession of multiple walkers, but her latest test subject is Dr Samuel Abbot of Portland, Oregon.

If the photo on Lyla's desk is anything to go by she knew him before his death and subsequent reanimation, as the pair are pictured together alongside Hope's dad, along with an unknown fourth man.

Lyla refers to her former colleague as TSA402, and another test subject is named A403.

Once again, this seems to tap into the mysterios "Type A and B" code referenced by Jadis.

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Fan previously guessed the categories were related to whether someone was infected or not, or whether it referred to leaders and followers.

In reality, an 'A' is a test subject who the CRM can experiment on in their quest to find a cure.

This means that when Jadis changed Rick's catergory to B she effectively saved his life.

It also makes sense given how Jadis marked Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) as "A's" before trying to kill them.

In short, "A's" are expendable in ways "B" captives are not.

As for what makes a "B" – the term essentially refers to anyone the CRM can enlist as manpower, be it it as a solider, in leadership or some other kind of service.

As such, Rick Grimes will likely be expected to work for the CRM one way or another, and based on what we've seen so far, we don't expect them to take no for an answer.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond airs weekly Sundays on AMC in the US.

UK viewers can catch up weekly with new episodes every Friday on Amazon Prime Video.

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