'The Young and the Restless': Summer and Kyle Are Easily Fans' Favorite Couple

The Young and The Restless is one of the most-watched and beloved daytime soap operas. The soap debuted in the ’70s to a vast fan base and has managed to hold on to its loyal viewership with its programming to this day.

The show has some couples that some fans love to hate and other couples who fans hate to love. Kyle and Summer might be young and messy, but fans love them all the more. They could even easily be the fans’ favorite couple on the show.

‘The Young and the Restless’: A timeline of their relationship

Summer Newman and Kyle Abbott spent a lot of time together growing up. Their childhood history is referenced when Summer gave Kyle a framed photo as a gift of them ice-skating. Summer’s parents were always hot and cold, a situation that affected her greatly.

She started acting out and bullying other kids. When the grown-up Kyle returned to Genoa, Summer developed a crush on him, but he told her that she was still young. Summer eventually managed to make some headway with him, but after he kissed Phyllis, he broke things off with Summer.

For a while, people believed that Jack was Summer’s father, which also interfered in any Summer and Kyle romance that would ever happen. After Summer’s husband Austin died, she and Kyle realized that they weren’t siblings, and they finally got together and made love for the first time.

Although the two started dating, Summer thought that New York had affected Kyle. The tension between their families also created a significant issue. Kyle eventually went back to New York. Summer left Genoa City for some time and returned with a stolen sports car.

She was put on a project with Kyle, and even though he found her attractive, he found her behavior to be off-putting as she fancied her mother’s boyfriend, Billy. He refused to have sex with her until she had real feelings for him. Kyle married Lola Rosales but broke things off to be with Summer.

Summer and Kyle have been trying to figure out where they stand

Kyle suggested they elope, and Summer got doubtful since she felt he offered to elope to protect Lola’s feelings. However, she agreed, and they went to Chicago to get married. While there, she found out that Kyle had been checking up on Lola.

She continued spying on Kyle and misconstrued one conversation, which led her into a tailspin of insecurity. Summer got concerned that she would be making a mistake by rushing into marriage with Kyle, who has proven to be a flip-flopper.

Fans felt conflicted about Summer’s insecurities, with one section saying that her insecurities were justified and another claiming that she was dramatic. Another portion of fans feels like Summer doesn’t have the best history with men and has been known for carrying around some severe insecurities in the past.

Our Summer and Kyle a fan-favorite couple?

Although fans love giving their two cents about Summer’s insecurities and immaturity, some fans think the two make a great couple. The show’s official Twitter account posted an appreciation post of the couple, and fans quickly expressed their love for the two.

One fan wrote “our pretty messy duo” and attached a photo of Summer and Kyle. Another fan wrote, “they are so beautiful together,” saying that the pair brought them back to The Young and The Restless. Another fan noted that Kyle and Summer have the best love story and wished they overcome their obstacles. Other fans can’t wait to see the story unfold and what the future holds for the couple.

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