These Two Fan Theories About How Perry’s Brother Died on ‘Big Little Lies’ Are Legit Crazy

While this season of Big Little Lies might seem kinda light on the mystery aspect, there is one nagging question that hasn’t been answered for viewers, yet could be a major point in the plot: What the hell happened to Perry’s brother?

What we know so far is pretty much just that he died. Meryl Streep’s character Mary Louise hasn’t given many details on how that actually happened, but whatever went down, she’s obviously still in serious grief about it. Totally understandable.

There are currently two competing fan theories. Let’s explore both of them.

First, Mary Louise killer her own son.

This comes from a Reddit thread about the show. “I think Perry got his power/abuse problems from Mary Louise. I think we’ll be shown that in the final episodes that she killed Perry’s brother in a fit of rage or something,” the user wrote.

Damn, that would be a major, major twist. People hopped into the comments to support this theory, using Mary Louise’s reaction to the twins in the car as proof that she might have a violent streak herself. That was probably more a discipline thing than a violence thing, but it’s an interesting point.

There was also that scream.

But there’s also another theory that…

Perry killed his brother.

And this one is more likely, IMO. It’s from the same Reddit thread. “I feel like Perry killed his brother when they were children. Maybe while playing or something, his inner monster came out (maybe because his father physically abused Mary L. too). Just as we see in the twins now, how one of them is violent.

Mary L. hid this fact and continued to love him and protect him as he was all she had left (as Perry’s father died too). He probably went through a lot of therapy and pushed this memory down and became a respectable man and married Celeste. But eventually, his true persona came out.”

Okay, yes. This seems super likely. We already know that Perry was a bad guy. But it would be even crazier if Mary Louise had been hiding this the entire time.

And back in season 1 when Jane told Celeste that one of the twins, Max, was the one bullying Amabella the whole time, they had a conversation that could have been foreshadowing.

Jane was talking about Ziggy and said, “I have to face the fact that violence could be in his DNA, given who his dad is.” She went on to reassure Celeste by saying, “They’re kids. They bully. It’s human nature. They grow out of it.”

“Sometimes they don’t,” Celeste said in response. Looking back, the quote is super layered. Celeste was worrying about her own kids not growing out of their behavior but also saying Perry grew up to be a violent adult. Now it seems like it could be a nod to Perry’s violent childhood. IDK THOUGH.

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